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Creating significant sales growth for Pão de Açúcar with Brazil’s first national stamp based loyalty program

High participation by massive appeal on Jamie Oliver knives and cutlery

Creating significant sales growth for Pão de Açúcar with Brazil’s first national stamp based loyalty program

Jamie Oliver is a highly popular brand that is loved by the Brazilian people. The exclusive TV commercial with a personal message from Jamie, combined with the signature signed knives and cutlery, created the right hook to grab the targeted audiences’ attention. This loyalty programme led to a large increase in sales for Pão de Açúcar and millions of stamps distributed.


GPA, one of the biggest and most innovative Brazilian food retailers

Brazil is a virgin market when it comes to stamp-based loyalty. Before the start of this loyalty program, shoppers were not used to receiving stamps at their local supermarkets. GPA, one of the largest retailers and distribution groups in Brazil, was looking for innovative ways to make their consumers more loyal to their stores. As they were celebrating their 69-year anniversary, they wanted to surprise their shoppers with high-value treats. After a small and successful test program, GPA and BrandLoyalty agreed on a national rollout for a stamp-based loyalty program offering Jamie Oliver knives and cutlery.

Consumer research leads to high-value knives programme

Brazilian families put a lot of time and effort into cooking and sharing meals together. This made running a knives program really suitable for this market, together with the fact that quality knives are unaffordable for an average Brazilian household. Knives are shown to be a great product range for new markets and a popular high-value category.

GPA and BrandLoyalty made such a strong promotional offer – receiving a knife almost for free after collecting 50 stamps, the Brazilian shopper just could not refuse. Even the best scenario underestimated the actual performance.


Gather stamps collectively with your family

The act of spending money to receive paper stamps which eventually led to the collection of good quality cutlery and knives set was experienced as good fun and highly motivating. Specifically, because customers could collectively gather stamps as a family to improve the experience of cooking together, using the knives and cutlery from the program. On social media shoppers literally started begging for stamps to finish their collection in time and hilarious YouTube videos were created by shoppers and influencers to request Pão de Açúcar to postpone the end of the program.

Extensive media exposure and massive appeal for Jamie Oliver products was shared online

Extensive media exposure and massive appeal for Jamie Oliver products was shared online

At the start of the program, Jamie Oliver already had brand power of around 72% and the products with his label are perceived as good quality. His charisma and simple way of speaking makes Jamie Oliver easy to relate to and highly loved by Brazilian consumers, stimulating a big audience to spend more time in the kitchen trying to become a good chef like him, for their families.

Customers proudly post pictures on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to show the families in action with their brand new Jamie Oliver knives and cutlery. In addition, newspapers and the radio reported on the promotion due to its success in the Brazilian market. Throughout this time the loyalty program became a social media hype.

GPA published an advert in the local newspaper to thank customers for their participation in the program. Translated to English the advert said: 

Many thanks to you who joined, redeemed and made this promotion a success.The Collect & Redeem program exceeded all expectations.

  • More than 1 million knives and cutlery redeemed;
  • Over 50 million stamps distributed;
  • Thousands of customers who have redeemed their stamps.

And there are more news to come: we are already working to bring more promotions as innovative as this, with original quality incredible rewards.

GPA started to reward their customers with short-term loyalty programs

Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA), has been representing the French Casino Group since 1999, with more than 1,000 stores nowadays and their headquarters placed in São Paulo. The business operates through 7 different stores concepts varying from Hyper- and supermarkets to convenience stores.

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