Exploring our world for over 130 years

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Over a century after its founding, National Geographic continues to reach and resonate with millions of people worldwide. For over 130 years, the National Geographic Society has funded the best and brightest individuals dedicated to scientific discovery and understanding of this planet. They use the power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world.

Exploring our world for over 130 years

A good story can change the world.

Told the right way or for the right reason, its impact can be profound; empowering people and creating an opportunity for change. National Geographic has been telling these kinds of stories for a long time. Over 130 years ago, National Geographic was founded with the simple notion that understanding our world can help to change it for the better. There is a lot of the world left to understand today, but there was even more of it back then. 

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge

Today, National Geographic explorers continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, uncovering new insights about the natural and cultural worlds, and strengthening our connection to them and one another.

With over 191 million followers on Instagram, a wide variety of publications, films, and television channels, National Geographic is one of the biggest brands worldwide, appealing to both young and old explorers.  

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