A lifetime of pleasure and excellence

A lifetime of pleasure and excellence

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Since its humble beginning in 1731, ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS has become one of the most renowned and oldest kitchenware brands in the world. In every continent, ZWILLING products are used in thousands of restaurants and millions of homes to create excellent dining experiences. This has resulted in numerous international awards over the years, proving the brand's quality and innovation.

A lifetime of pleasure and excellence
Take a look at the production process of a Zwilling knife.

Over 290 years of innovation 

In the 1930s ZWILLING’s craftsmen developed an ice-hardening technology. Blades that are treated with this ice-hardening process are called FRIODUR® blades. This results in sharp knives that produce a clean cut and are corrosion resistant.

During forging, extreme temperature and force are used to give the knife its shape. These SIGMAFORGE® knives are precision-forged from a single piece of steel to assure perfect geometry.
This is fundamental to achieving a precise edge and optimum cutting performance.

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