The family that sticks together

The family that sticks together

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Stikeez are funny creatures that go on different missions to bring relevant themes to the attention of kids in a fun and accessible way. They can shape to any form, to bring across important messages.  

The family that sticks together

Bringing across societal topics in a fun way!

Stikeez stick to different surfaces and tell a story that sticks to people’s mind. What this story is about, will be different every time you see them. Their story is positive and fun but always brings across a relevant and societal topic that everyone can learn from. 

TV Commercial Stikeez World Food Festival at Lidl Hungary

Travel the world in your own kitchen

This brand-new festive Stikeez concept encourages families to travel the world in their own kitchen by collecting 24 famous dishes from all over the world. The collector’s album includes a recipe booklet with recipes from every Stikeez, which encourages families to eat and cook together! 

Fixeez: innovative and sustainable carrier

Fixeez: innovative and sustainable carrier

Stick them on, fix your look and create something awesome!   Fixeez is a multi-licensed carrier that can be translated into many different designs and brands. 

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