Next generation happiness

Next generation happiness

Our purpose, next generation happiness, is the compass that influences daily decisions and guides us to a better tomorrow. We want to contribute to a more sustainable future through our campaign-based loyalty programs.

We acknowledge that the systemic challenges we are facing cannot be solved by any company or industry alone, that’s why we joined the UN Global Compact and are fully focused on building strong collaboration with other businesses, carbon experts, innovative start-ups, and academia. 

Going beyond the understanding of our own system and incorporate the systems around us to deliver the transformation needed to speed up the change.

The time to act is NOW!

We are aware that we have a short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better and therefore we are fully committed to driving the change that can positively shape the future.

We want to be part of the solution to the climate crisis, not add to the problem. This is why we are pushing our sustainability efforts into high gear striving for a positive impact on the people and environment. 

Our progress: Sustainability Report 2021

Our progress: Sustainability Report 2021

A never-ending journey started, but with a clear understanding that the necessary transformation will not happen through small incremental improvements and adjustments to “business-as-usual”: it requires exponential change and business model innovation.

Transformation may be easy to talk about, but it is tough to deliver, but we are progressing and happy to share our 2021 results.

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Building next-generation happiness

We've challenged ourselves on 6 clear sustainability 2025 targets to ensure we’re creating happiness in the most caring and responsible way, now and for future generations. 

Sustainability | Circularity

Circularity for waste and returns 

We're continuously evaluating our supply chain to ensure circularity for scrap and returns by 2025 by asking ourselves 'can we use these again?' or 'can we repurpose?'

Sustainability | Closer-to-market solutions

Increase close-to-market sourcing

This target will help us reduce CO2 emissions and our footprint. But, simultaneously, we will manage risk when it comes to supply disruptions, support regional business, and ensure a dynamic response to changing customer demands.

Sustainability | Reduction of virgin plastics

100% reduction of virgin plastic in instant loyalty campaign carriers

We're aware of the use of virgin plastic in our instant loyalty campaigns, and want to change. Therefore we will completely stop the use of virgin plastic in the next 5 years. Next to this, we're encouraging shoppers to minimize unused rewards.

Sustainability | Smart packaging

Smart packaging

The development and use of innovative and smart packaging is crucial in our journey towards becoming a more responsible company. Therefore we are looking at the full supply chain - from procurement to marketing - to reduce our packaging's environmental impact and ecological footprint. 

Sustainability | Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions

We believe we can make a true impact and positively change the lives of millions of shoppers. This is why we continuously develop and improve our sustainable solutions. These solutions educate people about global issues like food waste, childhood obesity, global warming, global health but are also carefully sourced, made of high-quality materials that have a limited environmental impact. 

Sustainability | Flight reduction

Flight reduction by 50% and commuting reduction by 25%

The restrictions related to the COVID-19 crisis have proved to us that if we want to connect, we are more than able to do so digitally. In the future, we need to make smart decisions together and question if traveling is really necessary. 

Sustainability partners

Only by collaborating together can we make the world a better place.