Discover the wonderful world of wildlife

Discover the wonderful world of wildlife

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The world is a weird and wonderful place full of amazing wildlife. Go on a journey to discover the most amazing animals we share this planet with and be amazed about their special features and strengths.   

Discover the wonderful world of wildlife

Let’s join the generation that is determined to save our planet

The news is full of stories featuring the devastating impact of climate change on children. While humanity has a massive task ahead - and not much time to do it – children and young people all around the world are taking action. 



The planet is packed with wonderful wildlife, but do you know all the Super Animals? To discover all the different animals in this concept, they are categorized by their strengths. So, whether they can run faster than a car or are so loud you can hear them from kilometers away, all the creatures on the cards will show you their best qualities. 

There are 108 animal cards to collect in an album full of cool facts, activities, and extra information. Discover even more by downloading the app and listening to 108 animal sounds, spotting 9 of them in Augmented Reality, taking ranger selfies or even playing cool mini games. 



The animal theme stays an all-time favorite! 

Besides being an evergreen topic within loyalty, children love to observe animals. Research also shows that animals can improve children’s social interaction, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase motivation and education.  

Exploring our world for over 130 years

Exploring our world for over 130 years

For over 130 years, the National Geographic Society has funded the best and brightest individuals dedicated to scientific discovery and understanding of this planet. 

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