Have you ever seen a green ray? 

Have you ever seen a green ray? 

A sudden flash that appears when the sun sets on a crystal-clear horizon. To see such a rare phenomenon takes perseverance and patience, much like sustainable design.

Have you ever seen a green ray? 

Bring a sparkle to everyday life

Green Ray is a newly founded brand born with the belief that today’s products must form part of the solution to the climate crisis, not add to it. 

Green Ray is 100% committed to preserving green horizons and a wholesome planet for future generations; we’ve made it our responsibility to reduce the carbon impact of homewares.

Built upon 6 sustainable principals

Green Ray | Circular design innovation

Circular design innovation

We aim to have our products made from recycled, renewable, and reusable material as much as possible. 


Green Ray | Close to market sourcing

Close to market sourcing

We are looking for the shortest supply chain to reduce shipping and storage emissions, increase flexibility and quality control.

Green Ray | CO2 neutral production

CO2 neutral production

For every product we calculate our unavoidable footprint and offset the calculated CO2 emissions by funding selected high-impact environmental projects.

Green Ray | Products designed to last

Products designed to last

Durability is an essential element for us. We design products of the highest quality standards and with prolonged product life.

Green Ray | Smart packaging

Smart packaging

Reducing waste is our mission. We don’t use plastic in our packaging and we use recycled materials as much as possible.

Green Ray | Transparency and accountability

Transparency and accountability

We are built on partnerships and are completely open to sharing every detail of how and where our products are made.

Our purpose and vision

We at Green Ray believe that to preserve our planet, we need products that work just as hard for the planet as they do for the home.

We believe that only together we can speed up the change needed. We invite manufacturers, circular material innovators, carbon experts as well as environmental organizations to sit all together at the same table. Because only a deep understanding of how each element interacts and impacts the other parts can allow us to minimize the environmental footprint and deliver only the best, mindful, and durable products.

We know that, even if minimal, creating a product has an impact and therefore we cooperate with Club Leaf to give back to nature by funding certified offsetting solutions that allow us to deliver only CO2 neutral products. We at Green Ray strive for honest and open communication with all our partners, supporters, retailers, and everyone that has questions or is curious to learn more.

Our purpose and vision
Next generation happiness

Next generation happiness

We are aware that we have a short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better and therefore we are fully committed to driving the change that can positively shape the future.

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