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Anyone can be a sommelier

vivo I Villeroy & Boch Group - Glassware


Consumer insights

As dining at home becomes an ever-more popular trend, standards of food and wine are being raised among consumers. This also means that consumers are becoming more interested in the wine they are buying, and will often explore new and more expensive wines. Therefore we're witnessing adult consumers of all ages spending more on wine, especially those with a more discerning palate and a greater appreciation of finer things.


Retailer opportunity

The premiumisation of wines is a new trend. Connoisseurs – both new and more experienced ones – appreciate the quality of a good glass and the difference it makes to enjoying their favourite grape. Therefore, BrandLoyalty is pleased to offer this range of high-quality glasses which will help retailers to become well positioned and boost the turnover of their wine category.

Anyone can be a sommelier

Having the right glass for the wine you serve propels anyone to become a more knowledgeable wine enthusiast. Vivo glasses are designed for everyday use but are characterised by design elements that make them different, playful and fun. This beautiful range of six products: red wine glass, white wine glass, champagne glass, long drinks glass, water glass and decanter, are made from high-quality crystalline glass which is extremely durable. 

Create a luxurious but uncomplicated table setting that wouldn't be out of place in a high-class restaurant. 


About vivo I Villeroy & Boch Group

vivo is a lifestyle brand from the Villeroy & Boch Group A.G. It combines traditional quality and functional design in its elegant range of products. vivo | Villeroy & Boch group helps you celebrate friendship and share your love of great food. The kitchen or dining room table isn’t just where we eat; it’s where we socialise and relax with our friends and family.

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