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Marvel - ShieldZ


Consumer insights

To interact with other people in day-to-day life, it's important that children develop the confidence to stay true to themselves. Kids love to relate to Super Heroes who make them aware of their own strengths and powers. Stories built around these attractive role models stimulate teamwork and show the benefits that come from diversity and inclusion. This is how these stories inspire people to connect with groups and communities across the world.


Retailer opportunity

Benefit from this successful brand with year-round releases and movie call-outs. Especially when you are looking for ways to better connect with local communities, Marvel will be the perfect fit. 'Be Marvel, Be More' stimulates individuals to be there for others, creating local heroes and even having a great effect on your staff. Be more for your shoppers with all-time Super Heroes like Avengers, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel, helping parents to educate and inspire their children about self-fulfilment and diversity. Involve your fresh categories by boosting powerful foods with extra Marvel giveaways.

There is a hero in all of us

The Be Marvel, Be More concepts are all about heroism, intensity, diversity and inclusion. This reflects in the Super Heroes of the Marvel universe and them being ‘perfectly imperfect’. The concept has it’s focus on a younger audience and encourages children to be who they are and  never give up!

The Marvel ShieldZ collection features discs with the latest and greatest Marvel characters. The flying feature on the discs give them an exciting boost by catapulting your Super Heroes to the rescue.

There are 72 ShieldZ to collect, trade and show off. The concept contains an album to store your collection. Extend the fun with augmented reality, which will bring your characters to life via the app.

About Marvel

Marvel Entertainment is known for its ambitious and cohesive modern storytelling within a dynamic and evolving cultural landscape. It's about celebrating diversity and inclusion and providing a sense of belonging. It reflects real life through imagination. Marvel has a focus on appealing a diverse audience and is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies with Super Heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. With its relatable characters and their unique powers, Marvel shows children and parents alike that everybody can be a hero.

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