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Consumer insights 

Consumers are cutting their dining-out budgets and preferring to spend money on high-quality foods to cook at home. With a growing number of established home cooks, hosting dinners is no longer seen as a chore, but rather as an opportunity to create an experience. This means that consumers are more willing to give time and attention to finding the products that will meet their ‘fine dining’ standards.


Retailer opportunity

Traditional craftsmanship is making a huge comeback these days. Many consumers are tired of cheap, throwaway products and processed food. Offering discerning consumers the right experience means they’ll spend a greater portion of their food budget at a supermarket. Therefore with the ZWILLING FIVE STAR range, retailers are able to reward their ‘top tier’ customers with items that give them lifelong value.

Excellence through generations

The ZWILLING FIVE STAR range was developed by professional chefs with superb ergonomics in mind. The handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, increasing safety and comfort. Each ZWILLING FIVE STAR knife is forged from a single piece of special-formula stainless steel, resulting in a sturdy, balanced blade. 

ZWILLING FIVE STAR is a complete knife range with excellent cutting performance due to exceptional sharpness that lasts for ages. Every product is beautiful and a pleasure to own for a lifetime.



With more than 285 years of experience, ZWILLING is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned kitchenware brands. With an eye for impeccable detail, innovation and design, ZWILLING’s craftsmen have a passion for creating only the best. The high standards that ZWILLING has introduced for its products are exemplary. ZWILLING products have been used in thousands of restaurants and millions of homes around the world and collected numerous international nominations and awards for their excellent quality.

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