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Our moonshot

Unmanned and automated retail, that is not our future, it’s our present. The upsurge of self-checkout is allowing a quick and easy ‘just walk out’ experience that many find fascinating. However, as an increasing number of shoppers leave the store without any interaction with a cashier, we are left wondering how does this impact our clients - high-frequency retailers. At the same time, it challenges us how we, as leaders in campaign-based loyalty, make sure we generate the same or more impact with our loyalty campaigns. Our moonshot was to create a way to distribute stamps and flow-packs even if the shoppers opt for a self-service checkout.

When disruption rules,
agility is the key to success

In any industry, as it develops, grows, changes, and evolves, the natural progression is what continues to make an agile company successful. Challenging ourselves to look for solutions is what makes us innovate and adapt quickly.

Independent shopper

Challenge nr. 1

As the number of automated stores continues to rise and disrupt the industry, the shift in power moves more towards the shopper. It’s therefore up to us to innovate to make sure shoppers are aware, excited, inspired and ready to participate in our loyalty programmes. Losing the valuable interaction with cashiers in the shopper journey in-store, creates a potential threat to the awareness of the running loyalty programme. Research shows, that POS materials and store staff are responsible for 70% of the awareness of the programme. Without the simple question ‘do you collect stamps?’ – the programme could have significantly less impact. So, the question remains: How do we get our stamps or flow packs to shoppers when there is no cashier?

Innovation without integration

Challenge nr. 2

Even in a world where online solutions seem to be at their peak – integration of loyalty programmes digitally can be challenging. We aspire to make our programmes smooth sailing for our clients, and therefore our set-up and preparation of digital solutions should also require minimum integration to their software. And that is a big challenge. We understand that for retailers, the perfect solution requires no POS integration. By using this knowledge, we have created our solution.

It all starts with a ‘what if?’

In April 2020, we asked ourselves:

What if... we would have a device that can distribute both digital and physical stamps?

What if... our solution required no integration to the retailer's POS system?

What if... our solution could be cost effective?

What if... we were able to bring it to the market within 12 months?

What happens in a few seconds?

A shopper inserts their purchase ticket into the device, it comes out together with the correct number of stamps.

What really happens in a few seconds?

Standi makes a hundred pictures of the receipt, all of those snippets are put together in the cloud. It is then automatically checked for inconsistencies and irregularities which could be a sign of fraud. The device checks the logo to determine if it’s the correct retailer, whether the VAT number corresponds with the total amount spent, number of SKUs purchased, and many more. Every detail of the shoper's receipt is carefully examined. The algorithm determines a confidence level, and if the device accepts the receipt as correct, a unique fingerprint is generated in the cloud based on key features of the receipt and its content. The retailer can therefore prevent the receipt from being used again. The purchase ticket is returned along with the earnt stamps.

Welcome to

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11 weeks from idea to implementation

The launch of Standi has been combined with the opening of a brand new DekaMarkt store in Heemstede, the Netherlands. A completely stand-alone solution, allowing the shopper to redeem their stamps and participate in our programmes.

Standi is the latest, but not the only self-scan solution we offer

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