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Main challenges for the retailer

Retailers face many challenges on their journey to a successful loyalty programme – most notably, overlooking execution in hundreds or even thousands of stores. Whether it is week-to-week monitoring of each store involved in the programme, feedback communication, or implementation, retailers demand a solution from us.

Retailers are aiming to give a boost to their lines of communication and streamlining processes. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to monitor in-store execution. The store staff, the anchor of a successful campaign, need to feel more motivated and involved. And now - it's all possible! Are you ready to replace your 'mystery shoppers' with on-the-spot digital intelligence and have a substantial increase in programme participation? Meet your truly loyal pal.

Say hello to StorePal!

Shop floor communication


With StorePal, the retailer is able to make store staff the official champions, who open the lines of communication with head office staff and give full access to monitor in-store execution.

Store staff members bridge the gap between retailer and the shopper and ensure that campaigns are successfully executed in-store. All whilst BrandLoyalty and the retailer are able to motivate the staff while also overlooking the execution.

What does StorePal deliver?

  • Control over your main marketing investments by frequently measuring POS material placement
  • Improved on shelf availability by measuring visual product availability
  • More motivated store staff by introducing gamification and having them share their best practices
  • Weekly improvements of individual store performance, proven higher turnover growth in StorePal stores
  • Opportunity to monitor trade promotions and other relevant store operating details

Gamification gives way to participation

The ultimate championship for your store staff

StorePal has a unique ability to gamify a programme and skyrocket participation. While monitoring the in-store execution, performance, product availability, and POS placement, StorePal also includes staff knowledge quizzes that test the staff's knowledge of the campaign.

Each store gets a score from 1 to 100 for every quiz that staff take part in, and get a time bonus if they complete the task quickly. The scores are then added to the leader board in the app, which turns a programme into the ultimate competition for the staff! Regional managers are also not left out of the game; they use StorePal dashboard to compete against each other for the best execution in their stores. In addition to this, the quizzes can be customised and personalised by the retailer to ask the most relevant questions for its programme. Store champions are continuously incentivised to raise their rank on the leader board and win rewards!

Don’t just take our word for it

"The StorePal dashboard helps us sell collaboration packages. And to me, it’s driven the standardisation of execution."

Melanie van Rooy, CMO, Dis-Chem

"I've often heard people tell how great the execution is and use words like world-class."

Luke Robberts, Director Disney Africa

"I can now also do my store visits from behind my desk."

Surina Salie, BrandLoyalty South Africa

"We want StorePal for life, please!"

Melanie van Rooy, CMO, Dis-Chem

"The StorePal app is an easy tool to use, and it’s very helpful. With the app, I can cross-check the store POS materials with the required list and alert HQ instantly when there is any shortage. It also serves as a reminder for me to put up the relevant POS materials and make sure that the stock is in place too."

Tran Thi Phuong Thao, Marketing Manager, Coop Quang Trung

"StorePal is very useful. Reports have been updated immediately; it helps us to check the POS materials through photos and ensure it is decorated perfectly during the campaign."

Vu Ngoc Van Khan, Senior Promotion Activities Manager, Coop Vietnam
Success story

A/B testing has never been easier at Dis-Chem

The retailer Dis-Chem used StorePal to gain insights and implement changes in their stores. During the programme, they noticed that stores that placed their POS displays at the check-out location had higher revenues. Naturally, they used StorePal to ask all stores to change the display location.

Success story

DAISO enters the ultimate store competition

DAISO, a retail giant in Japan, used StorePal as a platform to share success stories and elevate stores’ performance. This sparked a friendly competition between stores across the country. The better performing DAISO stores reported to have more decorations and had more enthusiastic cashiers. With the staff’s involvement, the participation of the programme started to rise too!

Success story

AEON approves – StorePal can be utilised in multiple ways

Getting creative with the tools of StorePal can bring much more than just monitoring a campaign. StorePal allowed AEON regional managers to implement basic safety measures in times of COVID-19 without travelling to their stores. They could also monitor the correct placement of safety instructions through the app.

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Still not sure how a mobile app replaces ‘mystery shoppers’ with on the-spot digital intelligence? Read more about StorePal’s effect on retailers in Asia!

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