Watch our young concept testers putting Marvel Be a Hero to the test

Watch our young concept testers putting Marvel Be a Hero to the test

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Getting into the mind of kids. One thing is certain when doing research, people are just not doing what they say they would do. This is why we've put our kids' concepts to the test! And who can judge best than the kids themselves? 

We have put multiple concepts to the test, with the toughest judges possible, the kids themselves! The setting was simple, 4 kids, a table, and some of our kids' concepts. After the mini researchers experimented with Disney Spin'ems and Disney's Magic Kitchen, Marvel Be a Hero is next in line for the test.

The Marvel Be a Hero concept consists of 144 stickers that can be collected in an activity book. The book contains facts, tips, activities, recipes, and puzzles to get active in different ways, like a real hero! Research has shown that kids are sitting for 10,4 hours a day of which they spend 3-4 hours on gaming and watching television. The concept stimulates children to be more active and through this concept, retailers can really make a positive impact on their mini shoppers. Marvel's heroes are role models for both boys and girls and next to encouraging them to be more active, the heroes stimulate children to build self-esteem and increase their social, mental, and physical development. 

Let's take a look at how kids experience the Disney Be a Hero concept. Check out the video below for the purest and most honest opinions. 

Can't get enough? Have a look at how our concept testers test our Disney Spin'ems concept. Disney Spin'ems are collectible multifunctional toys that encourages children to be creative! To find out more about our concepts, contact your BrandLoyalty contact person or hit the contact button below.


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