Let’s turn a new leaf on the climate crisis

Let’s turn a new leaf on the climate crisis

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Club Leaf is a global team of tech-savvy climate advocates based in the Netherlands. Club Leaf is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people and businesses around the world to combat climate change - because together, we can make a real difference.  

Let’s turn a new leaf on the climate crisis

Club Leaf believes in the collective power of individuals and companies to make the world a better place

Together with BrandLoyalty, Club Leaf makes loyalty campaigns carbon-neutral, adds unique sustainability features to any (digital) campaign, and converts long-term points balances to support climate impact projects. Club Leaf applies game design principles in its solutions to encourage people to take climate action.

  • Club Leaf provides digital customer and corporate solutions that accelerate sustainable transformation.

  • Club Leaf helps its partners better understand where their emissions are coming from, offers engaging solutions on how they can reduce their environmental impact, and ultimately connect them to certified climate projects to compensate for their unavoidable emissions.  

  • Club Leaf designs and delivers creative, loyalty-based solutions that enable companies to use their CSR investments to engage customers and take action to compensate their environmental impact


Building a better world leaf by leaf

Club Leaf has established strategic partnerships with leading environmental projects, climate action project developers, voluntary carbon offset certification standards, and climate experts.

Club Leaf provides services that include carbon footprinting for individuals, products, and businesses and the development of personalized 'Green Tips' and 'Challenges' to reduce emissions.

To offset the remaining emissions, Club Leaf handpicks the best, science-driven, accredited climate projects worldwide.

Club Leaf currently is working with BMW’s Dubbelsteyn dealerships on carbon-neutral mobility solutions. Club Leaf helped measure BMW dealerships' carbon footprint, created an action plan to eliminate a significant portion of their climate impact and is developing a model where drivers can support certified climate action each month when they are using their lease car. 

Building a better world leaf by leaf

Making loyalty campaigns carbon-neutral

Club Leaf links transactional micro-funding of climate projects with nearly any customer-facing activity: want to run a carbon-neutral loyalty promotion? Want to convert long-term point balances to climate action? Want to engage customers in reducing their emissions? Want to take your sustainability commitments to the next level?

Club Leaf is your partner to design creative carbon offset and climate action solutions that are engaging and have a positive ROI, not just for the planet but for your business as well.  

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