Creating a national hype with 40 million Stikeez

Pick n Pay breaks records with its hashtag #PnPStikeez

Creating<strong> a national hype</strong> with 40 million Stikeez
Creating<strong> a national hype</strong> with 40 million Stikeez

Pick n Pay is the second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa. The retailer created a national hype with the help of BrandLoyalty, breaking records with 65 million responses on #PnPStikeez, as the first supermarket to run a national ‘spend and get’ loyalty programme.

Market share drop inspired action

With increased pressure on Pick n Pay in 2015, as well as tough trading conditions, the supermarket was spurred into action. After a period of focusing on making internal efficiencies, Pick n Pay lost focus on its external offering, leading to a drop in market share. 

After meeting BrandLoyalty, Pick n Pay was at first hesitant about launching what would be the first ‘spend and get’ programme in South Africa. What’s more, nobody knew what Stikeez were, which would mean that the concept would require an intensive rollout.

<strong>Market share drop </strong>inspired action

The rage of this generation

Pick n Pay executed a highly targeted and comprehensive nationwide activation plan which included integrated social media, online competitions and an in-app game. Through this process, it was able to engage hugely with parents and kids, resulting in a massive hype surrounding the Stikeez promotion in South Africa.

Each store supported the programme digitally by displaying #PnPStikeez on marketing materials, and encouraged customers to share photos online of themselves with the Stikeez cutouts in-store.

Champions at the check-out

Through a national training plan for all stores, staff were made key ambassadors for the programme. Stikeez champions were appointed at store level, thereby making staff feel part of the programme.

<strong>Champions</strong> at the check-out

First-mover advantage

Being the first nationwide kids’ promotion put Stikeez in a uniquely advantageous position. Research into the effect of such promotions in countries with a low kids’ promotion density has proven that increases in turnover are 6 times bigger than in more mature markets. Therefore, it pays to be first!

The Pick n Pay Stikeez promotion opened up the market to ‘spend and get’ programmes, with competitors running similar programmes shortly afterwards.

Shoppers called for more! 

The first programme at Pick n Pay was so popular that shoppers called for more, and the retailer delivered with Stikeez: Creatures of the Deep in 2016. This time, the programme was enhanced with a custom-made app that motivated customers to visit a Pick n Pay store using the GPS coordinates in the app. In addition, the app contained a game where customers could catch, collect and share selfies with Stikeez figurines.

BrandLoyalty has continued its partnership with Pick n Pay with the popular ‘spend and get’ follow ups ‘Super Animals’ and ‘South African Super Animals’ which were co-created with Pick n Pay.

About Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is the second-largest supermarket chain in South Africa. In addition to visiting its physical stores, customers are also able to purchase online and via the Pick n Pay mobile app. BrandLoyalty’s partnership with Pick n Pay began in 2015 with the famous Stikeez instant reward programme for kids. BrandLoyalty has continued its partnership with Pick n Pay with the popular ‘spend and get’ follow-ups ‘Super Animals’ and ‘South African Super Animals’ which were co-created with Pick n Pay.

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