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Collect the most memorable moments from your favourite Disney Pixar movies

Disney - Movie Moments


Consumer insights

Some of the most important life lessons that must be passed down to every child are the ones on friendship, love and going for what you believe is right. With fun, adventures and great animated movies, no one does this better than Disney. Children can identify with the Disney characters and their emotions, which are designed to convey important lessons. This makes it easier for parents to talk with their kids about emotions and life events that are hard for kids to understand.


Retailer opportunity

Disney is the perfect brand if retailers are looking for ways to touch the hearts of shoppers. We bring kids' favourite characters to life on the shop floor, increasing the fun of shopping for the whole family. The value of Disney rewards are perceived as one of the highest, making Disney programmes drive participation in all age categories. Even consumers outside the target group strech their spend to collect and redeem gifts for family and friends.  

Collect your favourite Movie moments

For almost 100 years, Disney’s stories and experiences have touched the hearts of people all around the world. Movie moments combines the greatest moments from Disney and Pixar’s movies, and transforms them into a set of collectable cards.

You can collect cards in various different categories, allowing you to compare the craziest, cutest, scariest and happiest moments from 16 different movies.

Use the Movie moments app to bring these cards to life! A concept that strikes a chord with children of all ages, all year round.

About Disney Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award-winning animation studio famous for many animated films including Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. Memorable characters, humour and heart-winning stories help Pixar appeal to audiences of all ages. Teamed up with Disney, Pixar tickles the sense of wonder for children and their families by making us see a completely new magical world.

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Meet Mickey Mouse and friends! 

Disney is still unbeatable when it comes to fairytales. Get ready for childhood memories, with the mouse that started it all.

Discover Disney classics