BrandLoyalty's Retail Loyalty Congresses

BrandLoyalty's Retail Loyalty Congresses
> 600 guests at the last RLC
120 retailers represented at the last RLC
Translated into 11 languages
8 congresses
9 different locations

Bi-annually BrandLoyalty hosts its Retail Loyalty Congress (RLC) at different locations around the world. With more than 400 C-Level, invite-only guests from some of the world’s leading high-frequency retailers, the RLC is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the latest innovations, network with other like-minded peers and learn from best-practice examples.  

Take a look below at some of the previous editions of the RLC. 

Dare to differentiate

RLC 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BrandLoyalty’s eighth RLC, held in September 2019, mixed the familiar with the unexpected to create a stimulating and unusual combination of flavours. Held in the most diverse city in the world, Amsterdam, BrandLoyalty created value for every attendee. Luxurious yet comfortably casual; professional yet friendly, it offered delegates glimpses into the future while firmly addressing present-day challenges. 

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<strong>Dare to differentiate</strong>

The journey to happiness

RLC 2018  Paris, France  |  Bologna, Italy

In a Retail Loyalty Congress first, BrandLoyalty took guests to two locations, starting in Disneyland Paris, delegates were enchanted with Disney magic and entertainment. Before being whisked off to Bologna, Italy, the capital of food, to tantalize their tastebuds at the world’s first food theme park FICO world.

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<strong>The journey to happiness</strong>

Getting personal

RLC 2016 Toronto, Canada

Travelling across the Atlantic, BrandLoyalty took delegates from all over the world to Downtown Toronto for BrandLoyalty’s sixth Retail Loyalty Congress. The congress transported guests back to the heart of retail success, by revealing insights on how to move business forward through Getting Personal. 

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<strong>Getting personal</strong>
Once again thank you for your hospitality and inspiring, interesting and fun days in Amsterdam. We really liked the focus on detail and client service. We enjoyed everything about the congress. Guest at the 2019 RLC

Give to Get 

RLC 2015 Barcelona, Spain

In 2015 BrandLoyalty showed guests that the future of retailing will be driven by data, which needs to be skillfully analysed. In the new consumer steered dynamic, 'Give to Get' is the rule: if we want customers' data, we will have to give them something worthwhile in return. 

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<strong>Give to Get&nbsp;</strong>

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