Using the power of storytelling to mobilise kids 

Using the power of storytelling to mobilise kids 

The CEO of LoyaltyOne has spent the last 25 years in the industry, and never shys away from the next loyalty challenge. During his time as CEO of BrandLoyalty Hearts & Wallets caught up with him to find out more about the man behind loyalty. 

Using the power of storytelling to mobilise kids 

As the biggest entertainment brand in the world, there are many opportunities to leverage the power of Disney in your own store. Several different franchises offer food retailers the chance to employ popular and newsworthy characters to engage with topics that interest children. As you’ll discover, there’s a lot more to a partnership with Disney than just the ability to tap into hypes around its hugely well-known blockbusters. 


The power of storytelling
Storytelling is at the essence of everything we do, and it’s a great way to mobilise consumers, especially when reaching out to the younger market: children who love to be told stories. The Disney brand and its franchises are all about storytelling. From faraway lands to tales of bravery and even superheroes, Disney knows exactly what elements should be put together to grab our attention and keep us glued to the tale until the end. As in any great story, especially those from Disney, one of the key elements is having interesting and relatable characters, both heroes and villains. Setting the scene, offering conflicts and solutions, triggering a range of emotions, providing surprises and even showing explorations and learnings are also just as important. These elements come together to make a story relevant and engaging to little kids and big kids alike! A great story will not only keep the audience hanging on every word but will also leave a long-lasting impression on those who have experienced it. 

Strengthening the proposition
Around the world, retailers large and small, are faced with challenges on different levels. This can often come in the form of in-store activities such as trying various ways to grow the ‘fresh’ category. But at other times, retailers may also want to address customers more personally and gain a better and more solid relationship with them, which could lead to an increased Net Promoter Score. Others may have more environmental challenges, such as becoming more sustainable or playing their part in reducing the huge problem of food waste. Or perhaps in tackling more sociological problems and getting shoppers to have a healthier lifestyle. Faced with huge challenges and strategic decisions, retailers may find that using the power of Disney movies and characters to enhance the emotional bond between the store and its customers presents a valid solution. 

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. Ira Glas

Utilising Disney Pixar - an example
Retailer ‘A’ would like to develop a more healthy lifestyle for families with children. To achieve this goal, Retailer ‘A’ aims to connect with the community while also encouraging higher sales in the fresh food category. This approach can be steered in one or two directions via themes such as encouraging healthier eating or getting more active. The first such campaign will need to focus on getting kids to eat better. This includes making children aware of the origin of food, nutritional values and cooking itself. With regard to being more active, it’s all about finding the right form of exercise, getting in training, and setting goals. These themes can each be tied to one of the hundreds of Disney movies or franchises. 

Origin of food - WALL-E
In the Disney Pixar Film WALL-E, the theme of taking care of plants/organisms is explored, showing that if we do not take care of the world we live in, Earth's future is not a happy one. 

Healthy Cooking - Ratatouille
In the Disney film Ratatouille, a mouse and an unlikely chef explore their passion for food and emphasise how the best ingredients are fresh and natural. Together with Disney, BrandLoyalty has developed concepts that smartly tap into these and many other relevant themes to food retailers. For more information on using the magic of Disney to transform your sales, please contact your BrandLoyalty contact person. 


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First published in January 2018.

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