Tupperparties spring up across Slovenia

Tupperparties spring up across Slovenia

For the first time in a loyalty program, Tupperware products are being offered to shoppers of Mercator stores across Slovenia this spring. Offering a range of brightly colored reusable Tupperware storage solutions to encourage shoppers to reduce waste, Mercator also hopes to help shoppers reduce their use of single-use plastic in 2021. 

Tupperparties spring up across Slovenia

From 21st of January until the 6th of May shoppers at Mercator in Slovenia can collect stamps to redeem against a storage range from the Tupperware brand across more than 500 stores. This is the first time Tupperware products are being offered in a loyalty campaign in Slovenia. Therefore Mercator will hold Tupperparties in its stores to demonstrate the diverse uses for Tupperware whilst also showing shoppers how they can reduce waste. 

The product range consists of ten different Tupperware products including 3 different Eco Bottles and cereal bowls. 


About Mercator

Mercator is a Slovenian multinational retail corporation owned by the Croatian company Agrokor that is operating in Central and Southeast Europe. Mercator d.d. is one of the largest business entities in Slovenia and the parent company of the Mercator Group. Mercator's story dates back to 1949, when the wholesale company Živila Ljubljana, the predecessor of the present-day Mercator, was founded. In the early days, Mercator sold the goods straight from the warehouse; today, it is among the most modernized retailers in the region.                    

Find out more about Tupperware

Find out more about Tupperware

Take a closer look at the brand Tupperware and why it can help shoppers reduce waste. 

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