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A genuine bar experience in the comfort of your home

Spiegelau - Bar range


Consumer insights

Dining in is becoming more fashionable than dining out, meaning that socialising at home is on the rise. More emphasis is being put on experiences and creating the perfect atmosphere in a home setting, through music and drinks. It's reflected in the increase in popularity of spirits and cocktails (including non-alcoholic ones) which seemingly knows no bounds.


Retailer opportunities

As consumers raise their standards and budgets and turn towards quality and refinement, good-quality glassware is becoming a staple in anyone's cupboard. Serving drinks in Spiegelau’s exquisite crystal glasses allows consumers to create a genuine bar experience in the comfort of their own home. It therefore provides retailers with the opportunity to increase market penetration, in particular among millenials.

Create a genuine bar experience

The Spiegelau bar range is the top glasses choice for many top restaurants and bars, and can now also be enjoyed at home.

With a luxurious and hard-wearing collection of 6 items: a whisky glass, long drinks glass, cocktail glass, gin and tonic glass, mixing glass and a cocktail set, these items are crafted to satisfy even the most professional cocktail makers. 

This professional glass range offers a remarkable combination of elegance, functionality and durability.



About Spiegelau

Founded in 1521, Spiegelau has over five centuries of experience in hand craftsmanship and innovation. Available worldwide, Spiegelau is known for its high-quality, durable glass that is used in some of the world's best restaurants and bars. Using state-of-the-art glass-making techniques, the company produces exquisite glasses for today’s discerning cocktail lovers.

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