Retail Loyalty Congress touches down in Amsterdam

Retail Loyalty Congress touches down in Amsterdam

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We would like to invite you to save the date for the 2019 Retail Loyalty Congress - 24th & 25th September in Amsterdam!

In 2018 we took our guests on a journey through Disneyland Paris, the entertainment capital of the world, and Bologna, the food capital of the world. In 2019 we will be offering a deeper understanding of key topics within the food retail industry. In addition, we'll be looking at how retailers need to differentiate by showing insights into what truly matters to the end consumer and what opportunities technology offers today and in the future. 

The Retail Loyalty Congress is a two-day experience that includes retail tours, interactive sessions, and the opportunity to listen to worldwide authorities within their different fields of expertise. The congress also offers a platform to network and enjoy great dinners and entertainment during the evenings.

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