Bringing wonder to stories

Bringing wonder to stories

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Just one of the brand offered by BrandLoyalty from The Walt Disney Company, Pixar brings a world of wonder to retail with humor, creativity and adventure that capture the hearts of young and old. 

With 23 movies in 25 years, Pixar Animation Studios does not stand still. Admired for its innovative stories that immerse consumers into new worlds and appeal to a diversity of cultures, genders, and ages. With movies such as Toy Story, Monsters. Inc., Cars, The Incredibles and Coco to its portfolio, there is a character favorite for everyone. 

Bringing wonder to stories

Story-doing inspired by storytelling

Imagination and fun are the fundamentals of getting active, and Pixar offers a great opportunity to spark the imaginations of young and old. By connecting get active and eat healthy themes to well-known characters encourages kids to get involved in campaigns.

Create a buzz around healthy eating and getting active in your store. Read more about how Albertsons connected with their shoppers using Toy Story. 

Bringing Disney Pixar magic to stores

In 2019, Albertsons and United Supermarkets in the US found the perfect partners for to connect with families with kids, in the form of the Disney Pixar characters. 

Disney Pixar characters in action

Connecting generations

Connecting generations

Star Wars is a brand that truly spans generations and brings people together with timeless storytelling. 

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