Next-generation shopping is here

 December 2021

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The world of food retail is constantly evolving and growing - to get ready for the next generation of shoppers. In the December edition of 'Things we see in retail & loyalty', we highlight how retailers such as REWE, Carrefour, Amazon, and Sainsbury's are taking their shoppers into a next-generation experience.

Next-generation shopping is here

Carrefour France opens Flash concept store

Carrefour’s new concept store, Flash 10/10, offers shoppers the ‘most accessible and fastest shopping experience ever’: 10 seconds to shop and 10 seconds to pay. The store’s 60 HD cameras and 2,000 sensors eliminate the need to scan items or remove them from shopping bags so shoppers can pay quickly and leave. There is no need to download an app or register beforehand. And there are no surprises – they can view their total spending in real-time. Source: esmmagazine.com

Boxed to enter fast grocery delivery market

Boxed to enter fast grocery delivery market

Boxed.com, the online bulk products retailer, is set to broaden its offering by purchasing MaxDelivery, the on-demand grocery delivery service. Once finalized, the deal will grant Boxed shoppers access to a significantly expanded selection of groceries and fresh food.

Boxed founder, Chieh Huang, spoke at the Retail Loyalty Congress in 2019. Discover his fascinating journey from garage to retail rising star here. Source: supermarketnews.com

Sobeys opens flexible supermarket

Retail group Sobeys has introduced its first store featuring the ‘flexstore’ concept from design and shopfitters Interstore/Schweitzer. The innovative store gives Sobeys the flexibility to easily rearrange the store layout at any time with ready to plug-in counters and furniture.
Source: chainstorage.com

REWE introduces supermarket on a train

REWE introduces supermarket on a train

REWE has joined forces with Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Regio and Fairtrade Deutschland to introduce a sustainable supermarket on a train. The mobile market offers shoppers a wide range of 3,000 Fairtrade, organic, and regional items across three shopping cars and there’s also an onboard bistro.
Source: esmmagazine.com

Sainsbury’s opens its first autonomous store

Using ‘just walk out’ technology from Amazon, Sainsbury’s has launched its inaugural checkout-free store. Shoppers at the store, which is called SmartShop Pick & Go, link a debit or credit card to the SmartShop app. Cameras then detect what products they choose, and payment is automatically taken as they leave.
Source: retaildetail.nl

Just Eat trials drone deliveries

Just Eat trials drone deliveries

In a bid to introduce new technological solutions to mobility challenges of the future, Just Eat Takeaway is testing drone delivery. The experimental delivery route will be monitored to gauge the effects on the environment, how residents experience the delivery and the added value of delivering by drone. Source: retailtrends.nl

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