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Leveraging loyalty programs

Things we see in retail and loyalty, March 2021

Leveraging loyalty programs

Loyalty programs have proven to be one of the most effective tactics for intensifying the emotional connection with shoppers whilst helping companies meet and exceed their financial objectives. So, it's no surprise that more and more organizations worldwide are spotting the potential and get involved. Read more about how brands leverage loyalty in this March edition of 'Things we see in retail & loyalty. 



Leveraging loyalty in the digital age


To elevate everyone's cooking skills to the next level, Samokat gives its shoppers a sharp offer on Jamie Oliver kitchen knives and accessories. Collect the full collection consisting of 5 kitchen knives and cooking accessories such as a sharpening knife, kitchen scissors, a knife stand and an acacia cutting board. App users simply add the selected items from the impressive Jamie Oliver collection to their digital shopping cart, and the discount is applied immediately without any additional actions required. Learn more here!

Burger King introduces loyalty app

COVID-19 is pushing the retail and food industry into a digital transformation. Burger King is following other food giants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks with a digital loyalty programme.
The new ‘Royal Perks’ programme allows customers to save ten crowns for every $1 spent. Crowns can then be exchanged for discounts on most menu items. For now, the program is still in its pilot phase. 


Madison Avenue gets its own shopper loyalty program

Madison Avenue, New York’s primary destination for luxury retail, has partnered with Coniq to design a new loyalty-driven shopping experience to increase store visits, reward transactions, and boost sales. The loyalty app IQ Connect from Coniq will reward people for shopping, offer a personalized experience, and allows shoppers to user personal services.


Kaufland Card launches in Slovakia

To make shopping more pleasant and cost-efficient, Kaufland Slovakia is launching a new loyalty card called the Kaufland Card. The card can be used both digitally and physically, offers special discounts for members, discount coupons, competitions, and points collection.

For every Euro spent, shoppers participating in the loyalty card programme receive 1 point. The Kaufland Card celebrates its first anniversary with unique benefits such as discounts on phone calls and electricity bills through various partnerships in the Czech Republic.

Data shows that the ratio between digital and physical card users in the Czech Republic is balanced, indicating both options’ importance.

Source: Sources known at editorial

Magnit starts cooperation with Coop Italy to increase shopper loyalty

For several product categories, Coop Italy will supply Magnit through a new partnership. The goal for Magnit is to create a unique assortment, promote traffic growth, and increase shopper loyalty. Two main operations are exercised through the partnership: import of ‘free from’ products such as gluten-free pasta and Italian coffee import.


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