Bringing happiness to the world around us

Bringing happiness to the world around us

We are team BrandCharity. Bringing together a group of colleagues from around the world, we realize how fortunate we are, and therefore created BrandCharity. 

For over 15 years BrandCharity has been giving back to communities worldwide. Based in more than 20 offices around the world, we try to support people in our community in need. 

Bringing happiness to the world around us

Next to our regular jobs within BrandLoyalty, we spend a few hours now and then volunteering for BrandCharity: we cook meals in local shelters, buy school equipment and coach kids in townships, play games with people who need company, repair and take care of the maintenance of wheelchairs in elderly homes, and go on day trips with young people. 

We aim to improve the living conditions of our local communities through initiatives linked to one of the five social responsibility goals below. 


The faces behind BrandCharity

  • van Kessel

    Nienke van Kessel

    Chair BrandCharity Board
  • Timmers

    Lonneke Timmers

    Secretary BrandCharity Board
  • Admiraal

    Peter Admiraal

    Treasurer BrandCharity Board
  • de Jong

    Hanneke de Jong

    Project Team BrandCharity
  • van der Hart

    Simon van der Hart

    Japan Ambassador BrandCharity
  • van Kuppeveld

    Laura van Kuppeveld

    Project Team BrandCharity
  • Bratengeier

    Gesine Bratengeier

    Germany Ambassador BrandCharity
  • van Esch

    Hanna van Esch

    Project Team BrandCharity
  • Tang

    Winnie Tang

    Project Team BrandCharity
  • Yang

    Beth Yang

    Taiwan Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Radici

    Eleonora Radici

    Italy Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Alencaster

    Marcel Alencaster

    Mexico Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Gurvich

    Natalia Gurvich

    Russia Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Freire Mello

    Marcia Freire Mello

    Brazil Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Sin

    Queenie Sin

    Hong Kong Ambassador BrandCharity
  • van de Ven

    Remco van de Ven

    Project Team BrandCharity
  • Hikspoors

    Thijs Hikspoors

    South Africa Ambassador BrandCharity
  • St. Onge

    Kelly St. Onge

    North America Ambassador BrandCharity
  • Mammadova

    Zivar Mammadova

    Project Team BrandCharity
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Our charity partners

Over the years BrandCharity has partnered with a number of organizations across the world. We are proud to say our current partners include: 


The Transfarmers Foundation has been active in 's-Hertogenbosch-Oost since 2012 with the urban agriculture project De Graafse Akker. The Graafse Akker has developed into a green community center for young and old in the neighborhood. Transfarmers focuses on: education, community work (social cohesion), healthy food and daycare. They want to be a flywheel for citizens who want to work in their own living environment.


Quiet is committed to helping people in poverty. The organization focusses on storytelling, soothing & strengthen. This is reflected in various activities withing the Quiet communities. Quiet ‘s-Hertogenbosch stimulates and organizes local solidarity among people in poverty.


Vanzelfsprekend!? is a young and dynamic platform in the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch with a wide range of offerings for young family caregivers. 1 in 4 young people grows up caring for a sick family member. A team of professionals and volunteers (JMZ experts - they are young family caregivers themselves) determine the course, form and content.

ABC leer mee

Stichting 'ABC leer mee' strives to make Dutch language lessons accessible to everyone. In the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, ’ABC leer mee' provides free language lessons at five locations. ABC leer mee' wants to offer people the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills with an expert remedial teacher or tutor at home or in a safe environment. This also supports their social and working conditions.

Little Lions Child Coaching

Little Lions Child Coaching offers free mental health care and workshops to children in townships in Cape Town, South Africa, by educating and employing local role models.

Click here for BrandCharity's ANBI statement.

Next generation happiness

Next generation happiness

We are aware that we have a short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better and therefore we are fully committed to driving the change that can positively shape the future.

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Find out more about our charity initiatives

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