International Day of Charity 2022

International Day of Charity 2022

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On September 5th, it was International Day of Charity! BrandCharity used this day to raise awareness on the importance of charity initiatives. From an idea board to charity challenges, BrandCharity sparked joy and made us all care more about the world around us.

International Day of Charity 2022

The International Day of Charity

The International Day of Charity was established to sensitize and mobilize people, NGOs, and stakeholders worldwide to help others through volunteering and philanthropic activities.

BrandCharity would love to make this day a day where everybody from BrandLoyalty can do good. Throughout the day, they organized several initiatives at the Den Bosch office. The day started with a ‘Sharity’ newsletter, where colleagues could read about why International Day of Charity was established, what activities BrandCharity has planned for the rest of the year, and provide them with facts about (Brand)Charity. 

In the ‘Sharity’ Newsletter, a voucher worth €5 was attached, which could be donated to one of the 5 selected charities. Furthermore, colleagues could fish a duck from the pond during lunch to win several prizes!

Read more about the charities below and see how much fun we had! 

The charities

Artsen zonder Grenzen

“Doctors without Borders” provides medical and psychological care to people in need. Among other projects, they now provide care to asylum seekers in Ter Apel.


Little Lions Child Coaching

Little Lions Child Coaching offers free mental health care and workshops to children in townships in Cape Town, South Africa, by educating and employing local role models.

Our home provides courses for children from an orphanage that will help them bring their professional dreams closer.


Stichting Voedseltuin Villanueva

Many people in 's-Hertogenbosch and the surrounding area depend on the food bank for their daily needs. The content of the packages they receive depends on the products made available by companies. Fresh vegetables and fruit are not always available. That is why Stichting Voedseltuin Villanueva devised the plan for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables by volunteers.

Tree watering

Tree watering provides bags that are watering trees that are in bad condition around playgrounds in urban areas and sets a precedent for other municipalities.


More about BrandCharity

More about BrandCharity

We are team BrandCharity. Bringing together a group of colleagues from around the world, we realize how fortunate we are, and therefore created BrandCharity. 

More about BrandCharity

Next generation happiness

We are aware that we have a short window of opportunity to rebuild our world for the better, and therefore we are fully committed to driving the change that can positively shape the future.

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