A healthy combination at REWE

A healthy combination at REWE

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Shoppers across Germany will have no problems eating healthily this year, with REWE's new loyalty program. For 14 weeks shoppers are able to collect for Silit cookware and Disney tableware across 4000 stores. Shoppers can also choose to collect a herb garden and towels to complete their collection.

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A healthy combination at REWE

There is something for everyone at REWE! Shoppers can now save for Silit cookware and Disney tableware in over 4000 stores across Germany. For 14 weeks, shoppers can collect stamps for Silit pots, pans, a herb garden, kitchen towels, and Disney tableware.

The program revolves around healthy food, encouraging consumers to cook healthy with high-quality Silit cookware and eat off Disney tableware in fun designs that bring joy to both children and adults.

In addition to the great rewards, shoppers can also take part in the lottery, where 33 lucky winners will receive all the ingredients for a healthy cooking experience at home: a selection of pots and pans from the Silit range, recipe cards specifically developed for this programme and a REWE voucher.

About REWE

REWE  was founded in 1927 and is part of the Cologne-based REWE Group. REWE has more than 15,000 stores and 211,000 employees worldwide.

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