5 things to remember about Gen-Z

5 things to remember about Gen-Z

What you need to remember, bear in mind and do to be successful

5 things to remember about Gen-Z

Kids from Generation Z might look the same as kids born in any other era, but they think and behave differently. It's especially important to focus on the group aged 6 to 12, because these are the kids that have a big influence on family expenditure. In a series of three we will explain you how to truly connect with this crucial demographic. You'll need to be quick though: today's kids don't have time to waste. So in this first series, you'll learn 5 things you need to remember about Generation Z. 

1. Hurry up! 

If you can't grab Generation Z's attention within 8 seconds, you might as well forget it. They're busy on TikTok, creating memes, apping with friends, watching Netflix, going to school, answering emails, doing their digital homework, playing sport, and getting insufficient sleep.

Did you know?
The attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. Yes: goldfish can concentrate for longer than kids. 

1. Hurry up! 

2. Speak their language!

Sit next to a group of kids talking amongst themselves and there's a good chance you won't be able to follow the conversation. It'll be full of code words. Slang. Abbreviations. Acronyms. Game-related terms. Film references. And by the time you've caught up with the words that kids are using today, they'll be happily speaking tomorrow's dialect. 

So if you want to talk to Generation Z, get yourself a good interpreter. BrandLoyalty has a whole department dedicated to Instant Loyalty Programmes (ILPs) for children. We work closely with trendwatchers and kids' specialist, and are at home on TikTok, SnapChat, Fortnite, Instagram and upcoming channels.

Don't forget how kids communicate in digital discussions: they can easily have a whole conversation using emojis, stickers and gif symbols. You won't necessarily want to use them all, but you should be able to recognise these. 


Finsta: fake Instagram
Yeet = super-excited
Slay = to "kill it"
Flex = showing off
Lit = incredible, high-energy, awesome
Gucci = something looks good
Low key = something that isn't obvious
Fam = family / close friends
Woke = aware of social justice
Shook = scared, shocked

Still confused? Consult the urbandictionary.com

3. Have a purpose!

Generation Z are not just looking for entertainment; they are looking for meaning. They know all about issues such as global warming, war, financial crises, food waste, poverty, and bullying. If profit is your only purpose, Generation Z will sniff that out immediately and drop you like a stone. 

Bear in mind that Generation Z are children of the world. Thank to their many screens, they have more access to entertainment, news and views than ever before. They have digital friends on every continent. Don't underestimate their ability or willingness to take up global challenges (think of Greta Thunberg!).

4. Get real!

Today's kids can spot inauthenticity instantly. They will roll their eyes at brands that over-promise or over-glamourise things. They even got a Finsta...

What's a Finsta?
It's a fake Instagram account - a second one on which people show their more unfiltered experiences. It's the good, the bad and the ugly version of them as human beings (this is only for close friends). On their Rinsta (Real Instagram) is the curated version of their life (for everybody to see).

4. Get real!

5. Be fun!

Is what you are offering Generation Z more interesting and exciting than what they can see on their phones? It had better be, otherwise they'll ignore you. So when we develop an Instant Loyalty Programme, we always obey the rules. 

Kids' rules:

  • The concept needs to be immediately and visually attractive for kids
  • The fun can be absurd: children have a rich sense of fantasy. Physical laws are made to be broken (e.g. by Olaf: a speaking snowman who adores the sun)
  • Feed the curiosity: kids are naturally inquisitive and always looking for new things to learn
  • Don't teach or preach - let them feel they're discovering interesting things for themselves.
  • Make the concept collectable and playable, with show-off value. Kids love showing what they've got: a special, their favourite, a big stack, a full album... It's all valid currency in the school playground!
Want to learn more about Generation Z?

Want to learn more about Generation Z?

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