5 key insights about Generation Z

Kids from Generation Z might look the same as kids born in any other era, but they think and behave differently. It's especially important to focus on the group aged 6 to 12 because these are the kids that have a big influence on family expenditure. In a series of three, we will explain to you how to truly connect with this crucial demographic. You'll need to be quick though: today's kids don't have time to waste. After we've shown you 5 things to remember about Gen-Z last time, we'll continue with the second series about key insights. 

5 key insights about Generation Z

1. The world has become a global village
Kids everywhere are now connected through their interests, friendships and challenges. 

2. Complex subjects have become accessible through storytelling

  • Nowadays, every complex subject can be translated into an easy infographic or animated video
  • Questions can quickly be answered by Google, Alexa or Siri
  • Generation Z kids are smarter and better educated on many topics because they have access to a universal library of knowledge

3. Daily data consumption has created critical thinkers

  • With an enormous quantity of information available, the kids of today get 10 times more mental stimulation than before
  • Research studies suggest that their brains have evolved to process more information at faster speeds and handle bigger mental challenges
  • With limited time and a short attention span to assess everything, kids have become less naive and better critical thinkers

4. Generation gaps are fading

  • The traditional top-down hierarchy of the family dynamic has become much more democratic
  • Parents of today find it important that their kids learn to form their own opinions
  • Kids are now much more involved in family spending choices
  • Kids also inspire their elders to choose fashion, technology and music

5. Children can have impact too

  • Social platforms can create huge audiences and influence these kids
  • Kids inspire other kids to achieve great things: they can lead global change 

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BrandLoyalty continuously invests in research to understand the generation that makes up 40% of the global population. In the next article, we will share 5 things you must remember about Generation Z.

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