Zwilling makes a high-quality difference at La Comer

Zwilling makes a high-quality difference at La Comer

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Together with Kaufland, BrandLoyalty took millions of children and their parents on an unforgettable Star Wars mission, inspiring them to leave their everyday life behind for just a moment.

Star Wars Mastering the Force, which encourages kids (and big kids) to use their imagination, stimulates children through play to become more active, mindful, healthy and social. Kaufland launched the brand-new Star Wars Mastering the Force loyalty campaign on 28th November 2019 in over 1,200 stores in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Moldova, to coincide with the cinematic release of the last episode in the Star Wars saga.

Zwilling makes a high-quality difference at La Comer

For the first time since La Comer changed its name and format, a cutlery programme has started, together with the Zwilling Bela range. BrandLoyalty and La Comer have been working together since 2005 to bring Mexican shoppers the best high-quality loyalty programmes. The current COVID-19 situation has brought new challenges, but this programme shows that it does not necessarily have a bad impact on performance.

The global pandemic brought uncertainty and complications to retailers worldwide, affecting their loyalty programmes as well. Mexico, like many countries, experienced a lockdown and businesses were forced to close. Shoppers' behaviour changed and became hard to predict. Due to the beautifully designed in-store materials and excellent activation, the programme is performing better than expected. Next to that, cutlery is something people continuously upgrade; they want to acquire high-quality products to get luxurious dining moments in times when shoppers wind down at home more than ever before.

With 285 years of craftsmanship and experience, Zwilling is one of the most renowned and oldest kitchenware brands in the world. Used by thousands of restaurants, and millions of homes, Zwilling products can be found everywhere, providing excellence every day. This has resulted in numerous international awards over the years, proving the brand's quality and innovation.

About La Comer

La Comercial Mexicana is one of the oldest supermarket chains in Mexico. It was founded in 1930, but changed its name to La Comer in 2016, together with a new format. Since its founding, La Comer has been a big part of Mexican culture and families. The retailer is among the biggest supermarket chains in the country, operating 73 stores, with 4 distinct formats. 'La Comer' is a supermarket concept, 'Fresko' is more upscaled, 'Sumesa' is a smaller supermarket, and 'City Market' is a smaller supermarket dedicated to premium and import products.               

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