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We believe any great experience starts with people

We win consumers' hearts, to help our clients succeed and attract to retain the best colleagues

We believe that everything always starts with the consumer. This means finding the right shopper insights, then providing our clients with solutions that connect these shopper insights to their specific goals. We create our solutions with over 700 colleagues across the globe, using local insights to build global knowledge, to make sure we stay meaningful and relevant. We take development seriously, whether in data and digital, product innovations or the growth of our individual colleagues. Because we believe when they grow, we all grow together.

Happy consumers | We thoroughly understand consumer's behaviour, needs and desires, and through big and small data we're making sure we stay meaningful and relevant. Our solutions reward, educate and inspire shoppers through products, services and experiences.

Happy clients | We help our clients to attract and grow specific shopper groups and create the opportunity to build an emotional connection, keeping grocery retailers relevant and surprising 52 weeks of the year. 

Happy colleagues | Our specialists in the areas of marketing, sourcing, consumer analytics, digital innovation and portfolio development tailor these solutions to specific clients and their specific consumer groups.

Over 100 million shoppers participate in our programmes in more than 60 countries, collecting over 3 billion stamps to redeem more than 48 million rewards each year. That means that at least one reward from one of our programmes goes through the supermarket checkout every second!

Overall, our goal is to recognise the importance of loyalty, ensuring that people feel valued and happy, whether you are a consumer, client or colleague. 

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