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Reducing our environmental impact with 2WIN

As climate change and sustainability take precedence in the world, we, as leaders in campaign-based loyalty, actively look at many aspects of our business, we can change for the better of the planet. The environmental impact of changing logistics structures can be extremely significant. Knowing that – we have joined forces with EMONS to redefine our transport efficiency.


In the past years, we have already made many developments concerning sustainable transport: from centralizing our stock in one location to building our warehouse in correspondence with the BREEAM certification (degree of environmental sustainability of buildings). 

When we look at freight utilization, our continuous aim is to prevent transporting space. One of the solutions we implemented recently came from a partnership with EMONS and the 2WIN concept. The 2WIN concept means goods are transported in trailers with two floors. This allows two layers of pallets to be loaded simultaneously (still at the standard pallet height of 1.80m). If fully utilized, these trailers can create a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions, not mentioning carrying almost double the number of pallets. See the video below of the first 2WIN trailer coming to our warehouse in Maasbree. 

We are continuously looking for more innovative and sustainable solutions to contribute to BrandLoyalty’s purpose of 'Next generation happiness'! Are you interested in how we are challenging ourselves to deliver sustainable solutions in every aspect of our business? Read our five 2025 sustainability targets


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