Shopper Mission Campaigns

Build new habits with personalized loyalty mechanics, rewards & communication

Shopper Mission Campaigns

Engage with FMCG partners

Improve retention

Increase Share of Wallet

Increase spend & frequency

Increase engagement through personalized mechanics & rewards with Shopper Missions

Elevate customer engagement by tailoring the loyalty journey to meet the unique needs and desires of each individual. When customers feel that you provide them with something truly relevant to their needs and interests, they are more likely to form a stronger emotional connection and to be more loyal as a result.

Our Shopper Mission Campaigns, part of our Digital Loyalty Solutions, are relevant to any shopper at any time. Take your campaigns to the next level with personalized communication, mechanics and rewards. 


Entice shoppers to your platform



Give back to your loyal shoppers



Make shoppers stick around


Shopper Mission Campaigns increase engagement through personalized mechanics and rewards

  • Give shoppers a personal goal based on their shopping behavior [Spend X in X weeks]
  • Communicate with shoppers 1:1
  • Reward your shoppers with relevant rewards when they achieve a goal 
  • Your shoppers will stick around to get their exclusive rewards!

We take care of the full loyalty journey - from strategy to execution

  • Challenges & Strategy: Defining the why before finding the how
  • Loyalty Mechanics: Perfectly tailored to your KPIs
  • Technical Solutions: Seamlessly integrated within your digital ecosystem
  • Irresistible Rewards: First-class brands with the right to return
  • Campaign Execution: Management, analytics, support

Shared success stories

25% higher spend among digital collectors 25% higher spend among digital collectors

Turning participants into ambassadors

Lowes Foods broke away from the couponing culture by offering a better digital shopping experience by launching the first digital loyalty program in the USA: Lowes Foods My Kaboodle.

Digital Loyalty Campaigns

Digital Loyalty Campaigns

Are you looking to stand out in a crowded market and build a truly loyal customer base? Enhance your loyalty proposition with  BrandLoyalty's data-driven digital loyalty campaigns.

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