Loyalty stamps will disappear

Loyalty stamps will disappear

Time is running out for loyalty stamps! In a matter of just a few years, loyalty stamps, as we know them today, will have completely disappeared. 

Why now?
Some might argue that the disappearance of physical stamps was already debated ten years ago, and yet, some are still around. Yet, not for very much longer! Digital in retail has matured, offering unprecedented personalization and enriched emotional connections throughout an omnichannel loyalty journey. This opens up a totally new loyalty space. 

Rapid digital penetration
Over the last few years, and especially during the pandemic, retailers have shifted more and more of their services and communications to digital platforms. This transfer from physical service-based communication in shops to digital channels, via loyalty cards or mobile apps, is giving rise to 1-on-1 personalized communication. 

Digital retail experiences have perpetuated and diversified. First with cross-channel eCommerce, then seamless omnichannel experiences as the main catalyst in the Americas, APAC and Europe. This made shoppers feel more empowered and engaged. Retailers can activate many more customers directly and effectively, on a highly personalized level. 

Envisioning omnichannel loyalty

Retail trends: Envisioning omnichannel loyalty

Envisioning omnichannel loyalty

2021 will go down as the year when fast retail change became the new normal. 

Disruptive loyalty models 
More than ever, retailers understand the potential of digital engagement. The question now is whether they are truly getting the most out of their own digital platforms? Helping them reach their full potential was the trigger for BrandLoyalty’s increased specialization in loyalty innovation. 

Unique digital programs from BrandLoyalty help retailers boost shopper engagement by integrating highly innovative loyalty tools and solutions into their existing digital platform. Physical stamps go away and are replaced with intelligent solutions that accelerate shopper engagement on a much larger scale across multiple channels. Retailers can drive more sales by activating shoppers in a meaningful way while still using their own platform. Plug ’n play takes on a whole new dimension!

Much better than stamps
The loyalty card is, and for some retailers becomes, the heart and soul of the campaign where all behaviors are recorded. Capturing data and engaging more with shoppers across all channels is the ultimate goal. And we are ready.

For example, a previous campaign with a leading retailer saw a 40% increase in new loyalty card sign-ups versus their long-term weekly average. At the start of the campaign, loyalty card scan rates already hit their highest points since 3 years. Impressive results with no physical stamp in sight!

"Who wants - or actually needs - stamps anymore when digital solutions can do all that?"

Loyalty 5 years from now
Technological innovations are defining the future of loyalty, and its transformation is already in full swing, evolving towards a multi-platform, digital solutions-driven industry. High demand and the rapid shopper uptake of loyalty apps are driving this change.   

For the hesitators, the good news is that we are seeing very clear signs that digital engagement is defining the future of loyalty in retail. Early adopters already converted to digital systems are fast-forwarding their loyalty to unprecedented levels. 

Looking forward, retailers will need to create even stronger emotional connections with their shoppers by making it even more personal.  Research has shown thatshoppers receiving direct messages spent 14% more and redeemed two times more ‘points’ than app users who didn’t receive direct messages. Now more than ever, shoppers expect to enjoy a highly personalized, engaging loyalty experience with meaningful rewards.

1-on-1 communication campaigns based on data capture are already on the horizon with early adopters preparing to tap into their full digital potential with BrandLoyalty’s personalized campaigns. The future of loyalty is in development behind the scenes - it’s no longer a question of if it will happen, but when! 

So, who wants - or actually needs -  stamps anymore when digital solutions can do all that?

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