Incentivising shoppers to go green

September 2021

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Considering the state of our planet, it has become imperative to work together to protect the earth and its resources. Therefore, more and more retailers are taking the initiative and saying 'no' to environmental degradation and 'yes' to protecting our planet. This edition of 'Things we see in retail and loyalty' highlights several sustainable initiatives by Walgreens, Tesco and WWF, and more.

Incentivising shoppers to go green

Too Good To Go campaign launches to prevent potato waste

In a bid to stop 750,000 tonnes of Belgian potatoes from being wasted, food waste prevention firm Too Good To Go has launched a new campaign. 'SOS Patat: save the potatoes, eat the fries' aims to connect traders and shoppers so, at the end of each day, unsold goods can be collected from nearby shops. 

Source: esmmagazine.com




Tesco and WWF launch sustainability scheme for farmers

To reduce the environmental impact of the average shopping basket, Tesco and WWF have joined forces. As a result, 15 farmers in Tesco’s Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG) are offered an 80% seed subsidy for herbal leys, increasing on-farm biodiversity and improving soil health, water quality, and animal health.

Source: tescoplc.com

Walgreens rewards health and wellness with a credit card program

Shoppers will be rewarded for living well thanks to a new credit card program from Walgreens. The new scheme, which is part of the pharmacy store chain’s drive to modernize incentives, integrates the Walgreens’ credit card with its app making saving, shopping, and focusing on wellness, a more rewarding experience.
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BrandLoyalty's Corporate Social Environmental Report

In 2020 we put sustainability at the heart of our business by launching our purpose ‘Next generation happiness’ along with 6 clear sustainability targets. Ever since we have been rethinking the way we grow through sustainable practices.

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