How football gained popularity among kids

How football gained popularity among kids

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After the number of live sports games has dropped to almost zero, the popularity of sports-based video games among kids in Europe has skyrocketed. Sales of video games increased by 63% since March! Although this is primarily related to the increasing number of people that had to stay at home due to COVID-19 regulations, the popularity of sports among kids had seen a rise way before ‘live’ sports got cancelled. 


A football revolution
Since the beginning of March, FIFA has become kids’ favourite video game, beating both Minecraft and Fortnite in popularity. As a result, 1 out of the 3 kids playing e-sports wishes to become a real-life player, which encourages them to live an active life. In general, the video game industry has seen tremendous growth in recent months, whereas the increase in the popularity of sports goes back way further. Over the last years, football has become the favourite hobby of kids aged 6 to 12 in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France. But why is football so popular among these consumers of the future?

The power of events
After the final Euro Cup qualifications took place, the popularity of football has seen an enormous spike among children in all countries. Moreover, football has seen an increase in admiration (e.g. in France), especially among girls, after the Women’s World Cup last July. Can you remember what it was like to be a child and literally look up to your sports' idols? Exactly. Events bring the sports heroes alive and make kids believe anything is possible! 

Did you know that children who are football fans are a lot more likely to spend their own pocket money on toys such as trading cards?

Girls love the game too!
If you still think football is for boys only – you’re wrong. When looking at girls in the UK, Italy, Germany & France, many girls indicate football has been their favourite hobby (beating, for example, athletics & tennis) over the past year! After the evident increase in popularity among girls after the 2019 Women’s World cup, we are convinced that football is appealing to both boys and girls! Sports games excite kids and parents while it unites generations too. It’s more than just a game; it’s a community builder.

Making it a sports year to remember
2021 will be the year of sports with the European Football Championship and the Olympics in July and August! Also next year you have the chance to excite your shoppers with top-notch promotions that allow you to bring shoppers, and especially those of the next generation, closer to your brand during the World Cup. With a team of experts in various disciplines, we’re continuously creating and updating exciting concepts based on the latest trends, developments and consumer insights. 

Source: July 2020, The Insights People

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Learn more about activating sports in retail

Learn more about activating sports in retail

Wish to learn more about how we’ve activated sports on the shopping floor in the past or curious about the newest sports concepts? 

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