Five essential themes to enhance consumer experiences in retail

Consumers' expectations are continuously evolving and retailers are adjusting their approaches accordingly, focusing on one theme each time. They experiment with new technologies, run an influential campaign through TikTok or change a few products to reduce plastic. However, an integrated approach or fundamental continuous changes are lacking. The consumer will not choose, they want it all, now and all at once. To immerse ourselves in the customer's world we attended the largest consumer fair in the Netherlands and weaved consumers' experiences with our knowledge about retail and loyalty. Based on all the insights a report has been created consisting of 5 themes that shape today's and tomorrow's world of food retail: sustainability, loyalty, new generations, new ways of shopping and brands & suppliers. By reading further you'll learn more about the five essential themes to enhance consumer experiences in retail, which are based on different superheroes. If you wish to access the full report, contact your BrandLoyalty contact person or reach out via the link below.


Meet our consumer hero Better Planet Parent-Pusher who encourages and rewards parents for all sustainable choices they make. In retail, the demand for more sustainable products, workforces, and services can no longer be denied.

People have multiple views on how to contribute for a more sustainable world but it turned out that all their views and choices are influenced by the new generation; with their own kids as the most powerful ambassadors directly lurking over them. However, there is a strong need for tangible results to reward their contribution. 



Meet our consumer superhero Meaningful Minimalist who connects people through stamps: collecting all stamps from all sides and handing them out to those who need them. Stamps are divided and given away to friends and family, causing a chain of happy people giving & getting more together.

The purpose of loyalty has changed over the years. Today, loyalty programmes are still mainly focussed on individuals and materialistic reward systems. However, collecting gained a super social status. People tend to collect together or for others; family, friends or charity and are interested in more meaningful rewards.

New generations

Meet our consumer superhero Cross-over Connaisseur who is hyperaware of all crucial social issues. This consumer contributes through participating in meaningful loyalty programmes only facilitated by several cooperating retailers that are binding forces for a better world.

Gen-Zs - today's adolescents born after 1997 - are highly informed and want to take charge of their lives and their future. So, it's not surprising that they are less loyal to one specific retailer but are fluid decision-makers, in which their values and expectations play a more important role than ever. 

New ways of shopping

Meet our consumer superhero Omnichannel Octopus who is fully in control and adjusts its way of shopping easily to whatever situation occurs.

Throughout the last decade, many new shopping and payment methods have been introduced. It seems convenient to label different type of omni-shoppers, but of course, the opposite is true. If a consumer decides to go one way one day, this does not mean it will go the same way on the next day. Their motivational driver to use for example, contactless payment is completely context-based. No longer is there a 'one size fits all' or even 'one size fits one'.

Brands & suppliers

Brands & suppliers


Meet our consumer superhero Life Event Brand Manager who guides consumers through the brands and products that fit their new lifestyle. Expecting a baby? Need a low cholesterol diet? Turning vegan? People remain to have a strong preference for their most-used brands and products. Especially if they switched to online shopping - the chance that they will voluntarily experiment with other brands decreases to a minimum.

The best moment to grab their attention is during personal life events. Life events are moments in which consumers' needs & wishes for products (categories) often change and thus a powerful moment to introduce new brands. 

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