Exclusive convenience at PX Mart

Exclusive convenience at PX Mart

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After a huge success in 2016 & 2017, PX Mart has embraced the power of WMF and decided to run a third campaign with the beloved brand! This time the program includes small kitchen appliances that allow shoppers to cook their meals in various ways, which Taiwanese shoppers love. By leveraging the 9 selected WMF products, PX Mart pursues its goals to encourage consumers to cook and eat healthy at home and have an active lifestyle.

Exclusive convenience at PX Mart

The third PX Mart campaign started in February. For the upcoming four months, Taiwanese shoppers can save for the exclusive KITCHEN minis items to upgrade their kitchen home with fabulous items. The range includes everything that is needed to prepare an amazing dish!

This program offers a metal bowl that shoppers can use to marinate the meat, a sous-vide to slow cook any meat and vegetables, a fry-pan to cook a delicious steak, and a pressure cook that can be very time-efficient when making stew. Next to that, the shoppers can upgrade their kitchen with an egg cooker and toaster to prepare nutritious protein meals and an electrical mill to season every dish.

The products' range is specifically chosen to advocate PX Mart’s value: "to stay healthy while saving more!". The items are made for singles or small families as they are very compact, which is more convenient for the Taiwanese way of living.


About PX Mart

PX Mart has more than 9 million active members (40% of Taiwan’s population of 24 million). Consumers can easily find a PX-Mart store within a ten-minute drive, with its 1,040 stores spread across the island of Taiwan. PX Mart has the 3rd biggest payment tool in Taiwan, which is called PX Pay, and consists of 7 million members.

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