Dare to do good

Dare to do good

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It's the beginning of a brand-new year, and with it comes new year's resolutions or simply put: good practices! Read further to discover how retailers dare to do good in this January edition of 'Things we see in retail & loyalty. 

Dare to do good

Woolworths Healthier Options to help shoppers make small but meaningful changes

Woolworths has launched a new "Healthier Options" online feature to help shoppers looking to make small changes that can boost their shopping basket's nutritional value. However, finding a healthier alternative can sometimes be time-consuming and confusing. Woolworths' Healthier Options aims to help shoppers find healthier choices more easily by providing similar and healthier choices.


Source: woolworths.com.au
Woolworths Healthier Options to help shoppers make small but meaningful changes

Carrefour Poland tests returnable bottles without receipts in Warsaw

Carrefour has started tests of returning bottles without receipts in Warsaw. Customers who return bottles at the store will receive a full deposit refund in the form of an e-voucher, with which they can pay for subsequent purchases. The retailer assumes that this solution will stimulate the circulation of returnable packaging and significantly reduce the amount of glass waste and the number of bottles produced in Poland. 

Source: wiadomoscihandlowe.pl

Waitrose UK and Deliveroo 'Donate a Plate' campaign

Waitrose and Deliveroo have launched a new 'Donate a Plate' campaign to help "provide much-needed meals for vulnerable communities" while significantly expanding their partnership. Deliveroo's shoppers can make a £3 donation via the Waitrose menu on its app, enough to cover the cost of several hot meals for families struggling to put food on the table last Christmas. Both Waitrose and Deliveroo will also match shoppers' donations between them up to £20,000. 

Source: chargedretail.co.uk

Starbucks opens a new store focused on inclusion

Starbucks has opened a new store that focuses on inclusive design, therefore reaffirming its commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Half of the staff has disabilities and hold positions at nearly every level. All employees receive customized training and development, including basic expressions in Korean sign language. In addition, to optimize communication with customers, employees are equipped with digital tablets. Other unique features of the store include a dual-monitor POS that shows customers’ orders, mobile POS, contactless speech-to-text voice recognition through a tablet at the register, braille menu, and digital signage so the customers can track the progress of their order.


Source: Retailinasia.com
Starbucks opens a new store focused on inclusion

Global innovation: BrandLoyalty takes a stand with Standi!

Unmanned and automated retail – that is not our future, it’s our present. Technology is skyrocketing, and therefore an increasing number of shoppers leave stores without human interaction. Standi offers these shoppers an in-store experience without friction and ensures they are aware, excited, and ready to participate in retailers’ loyalty programs.

Please meet Standi: the stand-alone dispenser. Standi can hand out stamps both digitally and physically without POS software integration. BrandLoyalty developed this innovative solution to enable the distribution of stamps and, in the near future, flow-packs to ensure a seamless self-scan experience.

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Global innovation: BrandLoyalty takes a stand with Standi!

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