Dare to differentiate

Retail Loyalty Congress 2019

Retail Loyalty Congress 2019

Amsterdam, 24th & 25th September 2019

It’s time to build businesses around difference instead of similarity. Consumers’ increased knowledge and constantly growing expectations have made them more demanding. With endless options available at their fingertips, the world has never been so small. Therefore, meeting all of the needs of every consumer is impossible; it’s time to make choices.

Differentiation involves constantly reinventing the store to find out who the value-adding consumer is. It means standing out and doing well by doing good. Realising that health is the new luxury and digging deeper into your data to truly understand loyalty and how its made. 

In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important that you dare to differentiate
After all, nobody ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

2019's key topics

Re-inventing the store

Grocery shopping has become one merged omnichannel experience, throwing food retailers more heavily into competition with new sectors, such as the food-service industry, as well as with each other. This has resulted in evolving store formats, which has seen traditional retailers become much more like IT companies, and online retailers moving into bricks and mortar stores. 

At the RLC in 2019, we explored what the future of retail could look like, or what it already looked like for some. Going in-depth on topics such as maximising the potential of man and machine, creating in-store theatre, winning consumers’ trust, and owning the seasons.

Line up includes:
van Belleghem
Steven van Belleghem
When digital becomes human
Young Hyouk
Mr. Kim Young Hyouk
Evolution of convenience store to the center of digital transformation
The empowered consumer

Every consumer is unique, differing in what truly matters and what makes them tick. As new generations, GenYZA, enter the market, understanding these consumers is becoming more complex. To connect to shoppers, and get a bigger share of their wallet, food retailers need to understand what motivates them and provide personalised offers.

At the RLC, we took a closer look at the differences between millennials and Generation Z, how technology can help food retailers to provide the most attractive offer and the psychology behind decision making.

Line up includes:
Jonah Stillman
Make way for GenZ!
de Boer 
Aljan de Boer 
Connecting to GenZ
Health is the new luxury

With obesity now the number one killer in the world, and stress rising to be the biggest health epidemic of the 21st century, consumers are regularly confronted with numerous food-related health risks. Food retail can play an indescribable role in improving health in communities around the world. By educating and motivating consumers to make healthier food choices, stimulating creativity and making exercising fun, food retailers can help everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.

At the RLC, we dug deeper into the topic of obesity, the importance of reducing sugar and salt, getting kids active and outdoors, reducing screen time and how to stimulate (young) minds.

Line up includes:
Jamie Oliver
The 2030 project
Mark During
A little more fresh… a little more fun!
Doing well by doing good

One of today’s biggest problems that companies and individuals are facing is finding purpose and doing good for people and the planet. ​

​Businesses around the world are already starting to unlock the potential of sustainability as a business model, offering real purpose by using their influence to do good in the world. As the cornerstone of society, retailers have a strong influence on consumer behaviour.​

At the RLC, we explored topics such as reducing plastic, sourcing with integrity and finding ways to create happiness in your community.

Line up includes:
Afdhel Aziz
Good is the new cool
David Katz
The answer to ocean plastic
Loyalty, how it's made

Loyalty works on a subconscious level, effecting all choices we make, all-day, everyday. There isn’t one retailer on the planet that isn’t searching for the magic formula that triggers consumers to flock to their stores time-and-time again. Loyalty is very much alive for food retailers who see it as a path to shopper engagement and understand the added value that short-term programmes offer through robust data and insights. It’s time for research, facts and real conversations around the strategic value of loyalty.

At the RLC, we took guests through a loyalty programme from a-to-z, revealed the success factors to maximise ROI, showed the impact of small programme adjustments and discussed the power of a high discount.

Line up includes:
Anabelle Durán
Beyond the brand: when loyalty becomes smart
Getting to know your data

Data analysis is no longer a question but is a must-have. Collecting transactional data sits well within food retailers’ DNA, but finding the motivation behind the correlation, retailers also need to dig deeper into other sources. With the increased red tape around the use of personal information, navigating data dos and don’ts can often confuse food retailers, which results in inaction and can leave marketing campaigns in a grey area.

At the RLC, we helped guests further understand transactional and emotional data analysis, data tools and solved today’s privacy challenges.

Line up includes:
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Let the data in - from dark data to enlightened decisions
Christina Daniels
The Friendly Face of Data


More than 35 speakers appeared across 4 stages at our 2019 event. And, for the first time, our line up included retailers themselves. 

  • Smit

    Jeroen Smit

    Journalist and author
  • Huang

    Chieh Huang

    CEO and Founder Boxed.com
  • Oliver

    Jamie Oliver

    Celebrity chef and food activist
  • van Belleghem

    Steven van Belleghem

    Thought leader, Author & Entrepreneur of Nexxworks
  • Stillman

    Jonah Stillman

    Generations Expert at GenZGuru
  • Aziz

    Afdhel Aziz

    International Speaker & Best-selling Author
  • Nelson

    Jimmy Nelson

  • Andrews

    Sekou Andrews

    Poetic Voice
  • Steenkamp

    Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

    Professor and author University of North Carolina
  • de Boer 

    Aljan de Boer 

    Head of Inspiration TrendsActive
  • Mayer-Schönberger

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

    Professor of Internet Governance University of Oxford
  • Matser

    Erik Matser

    Clinical Neuropsychologist The Cognitive Lab
  • Katz

    David Katz

    Founder & CEO of Plastic Bank
  • Sutherland

    Rory Sutherland

    Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK
  • Young Hyouk

    Mr. Kim Young Hyouk

    Head of Management Strategy Division 7-Eleven
  • Botton

    Emma  Botton

    Group Marketing Communications Director Tesco
  • Ornelas

    Teo Ornelas

    Director of Customer Experience GPA Brazil
  • Durán

    Anabelle Durán

    Marketing Manager at Auto Mercado
  • During

    Mark During

    Former General Manager Marketing Operations Coles
  • Salter

    Jeff Salter

    Senior Director – Store Concept & International Marketing Netto
  • Heathcote

    Rebecca Heathcote

    Senior Marketing Properties and Propositions Manager Sainsbury's
  • Leigh Cannizzaro

    Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro

    Chief Alliance Officer Plastic Bank
  • Rahn

    Barbera Rahn

    Director Merchandising & Sourcing Albert Heijn
  • Mennen

    Claudia Mennen

    CEO BrandLoyalty
  • Crain

    Brian  Crain

    Partnerships & Business Development Lead Precima
  • Van den Berg

    Karlijn Van den Berg

    Director of Strategy IceMobile
  • Ruitenberg

    Hans Ruitenberg

    Creative Director IceMobile
  • van Dijck

    Koen van Dijck

    Head of Knowledge Faculty BrandLoyalty
  • Daniels

    Christina Daniels

    Product Owner BrandLoyalty
  • Evans

    Miranda Evans

    Kids' expert BrandLoyalty
  • Beckman

    Kirby Beckman

    Kids' expert BrandLoyalty
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