Brilliant beginnings

Brilliant beginnings

May 2021

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In May 2018, BrandLoyalty issued its first edition of ‘Things we see in retail & loyalty’. Three years later, we’re proud to look back at revolutionary moments in retail & loyalty. Because, as our retail enthusiasts and loyalty specialists say, ‘retail & loyalty is never boring!’. Technological advancements have taken speed over the last years; innovation has remained an important topic whilst sustainability has claimed its rightful place within the retail & loyalty industry. As all big things have small beginnings, we’ll highlight some of the new introductions in retail & loyalty over the past month. First climate labels at Netto, first rechargeable smart packaging at Walmart in Chile, first store formats at Lenta, Migros, and Carrefour. April has been a month of brilliant beginnings!

Brilliant beginnings

Whole Foods issued an innovative system to hold shoppers payments

Whole Foods has announced a new payment system allowing shoppers to pay for their groceries by holding their hands above a scanner. The contact-free payment method will utilize shoppers’ credit or debit card information linked to the shopper’s palm print. The latest innovation will improve the shopper experience and will be available in the Seattle area. In addition, Amazon will allow shoppers at some Whole Foods stores to pay with a simple wave.
Source: edition.cnn.com
Whole Foods issued an innovative system to hold shoppers payments

Lenta, Migros and Carrefour open new stores

Russian retailer Lenta has opened its first convenience store named “Mini Tape” in the Moscow region. Each store has 6 cash registers, including 3 self-service checkouts. Retail giant Migros has opened a new 2,000 square-meter market called ‘Bridge’. The idea behind Bridge is to connect a diverse fresh food market with creative catering and an event venue. Carrefour Brazil opened two of its first fully autonomous stores to speed up the payment process and give more convenience to its shoppers. 

Source: know at editorial

Walmart in Chile implements rechargeable smart packaging

Walmart becomes the first supermarket chain in Chile that lets shoppers refill its brand Lider fabric softener, dishwasher, and floor cleaner through their charging stations. The packaging contains a chip that allows Walmart to monitor the purchase, manage future recharges and payments. With this implementation, store visitors would save up to 10% on each purchase and contribute towards reducing single-use plastic containers

Source: walmartchile.cl

Netto launches Denmark's first climate label

Netto in Denmark has launched its first climate label called Skyen to encourage shoppers to make more climate-conscious choices. The labels indicate which products have a low climate footprint - in the entire store and within the individual product category. The range includes fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, pre-made food, nuts, and seeds. In the upcoming months, Netto will analyze customer feedback, experience, and the actual purchasing pattern to understand if climate labeling actually contributes to more climate-friendly purchases.

Source: via.ritzxau.dk
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