BrandLoyalty partners up with Topsport Community

Connecting the worlds of top sport, business, science and culture

This week a partnership agreement was signed between BrandLoyalty and Topsport Community. 

The partnership with Topsport Community, which will run for three years, allows BrandLoyalty to acquire knowledge and insights about top sport via Topsport Community’s extensive network and events.

Topsport Community connects the worlds of top sport, business, science and culture, having knowledge sharing as its main pillar. Through this partnership Brandloyalty can inspire its employees while lifting performance to a higher level. Claudia Mennen said about the partnership: “For years BrandLoyalty was a sponsor for a Dutch cycling and skating team. The partnership with the Topsport Community provides a logical next step for us to learn from the top sport environment.”

Pieter van den Hoogenband expresses his excitement with the new partner: “BrandLoyalty is a Dutch company operating all around the world. Through its creativity and different ways of thinking the company was able to grow its business to where it stands today. This is exactly what top sport needs to beat competition: getting away from the beaten tracks and taking risks. We believe the partnership with Brandloyalty is a valuable addition and we’re looking forward to our collaboration!”

Besides BrandLoyalty other partners of Topsport Community are ABN AMRO, EIFFEL, EY, Jumbo, ONVZ and Wereldhave. 


About Topsport Community

Topsport Community facilitates and stimulates knowledge sharing between top sport and business. The organisation’s main goal is to build a community with continuous team accomplishments and progress. Topsport Community was founded by olympic swimming champion Pieter van den Hoogenband.

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