Part of the biggest family of loyalty companies

Part of the biggest family of loyalty companies
Alliance Data

Combining expertise in short-term and coalition loyalty, data analytics and mobile solutions

BrandLoyalty is the global leader in short-term loyalty programmes for grocery retail. We provide data-driven, digitally enhanced, tailor-made solutions which improve performance – on a transactional and emotional level - by changing consumer's behaviour.

BrandLoyalty is part of Alliance Data Systems, the global leader and engine behind marketing and loyalty programmes for over 1,000 consumer-facing companies, across all industries.

Alliance Data Group is one of the most valuable, listed in the S&P 500, one of the largest, included in the Fortune 500, and one of the most sought-after employers in the world according to the Fortune 100 best companies to work for.

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This is our belief

By being consumer driven, we can best help our clients.
By growing our business, we attract and retain the best colleagues.
By developing our talent, we create better solutions.
By improving daily life, we are meaningful to our consumers.

We are all about give to get.
We are about opening minds and touching hearts.
We are for the masses and for the individuals.
We are all about having fun in doing what we do.
We are about happiness.

All simply because; we love happy people!

This is <strong>our belief</strong>

Part of the community across all of our locations

We stimulate active and healthy lifestyles, sustainability and ethical actions for the happiness of future generations.