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Delivering winning loyalty campaigns that create lasting impact

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Connecting high-frequency retailers, partners & consumers

BrandLoyalty is the leading global loyalty platform, providing short-term loyalty programmes that positively impact shopper behaviour on a mass scale. We provide purpose-driven, digitally enhanced, tailor-made solutions which improve performance - on a transactional and emotional level - by changing shoppers behaviour. 

We pride ourselves on being a business with purpose by connecting high-frequency retailers, partners & consumers to create sustainable solutions for today’s challenges. Our concepts can create an impact by addressing global issues, from childhood obesity to food waste. 

BrandLoyalty is part of Alliance Data Systems, the global leader and engine behind marketing and loyalty programmes for over 1,000 consumer-facing companies, across all industries.

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Next generation happiness

Our business has always revolved around making the world a happier place. By providing a continuous connection between shoppers and communities, retailers and brands, offering original and engaging experiences, acting as true heroes by being responsible while ensuring a dynamic response to changing consumer needs, we can create a happier world for the next generation.

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Challenging ourselves on 6 clear sustainability targets

In 2020 we put sustainability at the heart of our business by launching our purpose ‘Next generation happiness’ along with 6 clear sustainability targets. Ever since we are rethinking the way we grow through sustainable practices. We’re optimising our supply chain and our products’ life cycle, are carefully looking after human and labour rights throughout the value chain, and encourage a diverse & inclusive workplace that drives a culture where everyone can be themselves and feel like they belong. 

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Although the sustainability journey is continuous, we’re proud to share the progress we made in 2020 in our Corporate Social & Environmental Report.

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BrandLoyalty's Retail Loyalty Congresses

Bi-annually BrandLoyalty hosts its Retail Loyalty Congress (RLC) at different locations around the world. With more than 400 C-Level, invite-only guests from some of the world’s leading high-frequency retailers, the RLC is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the latest innovations, network with other like-minded peers and learn from best-practice examples.  

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Bringing happiness to the world around us

Founded in 2003 by BrandLoyalty’s employees, BrandCharity helps us to realise how fortunate we are. We believe stronger communities make a better world and support local charity projects to bring happiness to the world around us.

Various associations are chosen each year and everyone can help us make an impact and bring happiness by volunteering, fundraising, or donating.

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