BrandLoyalty’s Best of 2022

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We’re heading into 2023, so it’s time for BrandLoyalty’s yearly review – reflecting on all highlights of the last year.

Keeping the power of loyalty at the heart of everything we do, we faced challenges and embraced opportunities to make people happy, and business better.

BrandLoyalty’s best of



Staying connected

no matter what

The past two years have made staying connected harder but also pushed people to realize how much they need it at work, at home and in their community. BrandLoyalty welcomed the new era of hybrid work with new initiatives and events through which colleagues all over the world expanded and deepened true team ties.

Throughout the year colleagues from all around the world gathered several times in a hybrid way to be inspired by presentations, deep-dive sessions, and discussions. Each event was not only a time of sharing knowledge, but also having fun! Celebrations varied from BBQ festivals to Tiki parties!

BrandLoyalty’s days are never fulfilled without lots of sport! From Vestingloop to EuroChallenge – we have made sure to welcome the second half of the year fit and ready for new heights! We even jumped on the bandwagon with playing padel; and can confidently confirm – it’s loads of fun!

In addition to this, we celebrated many days of joy around the world: from Lunar New Year, Easter, and Earth Day, to wishing everyone Eid Mubarak, and showing off our very own colleagues on Superheroes Day!

We strive to create a hybrid work environment where true connection still thrives – and we will continue to do so.

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Staying at the cutting-edge of loyalty innovation

Radical and incremental change

2022 goes down as the year where retail change was inevitable. As the pace of change continues to increase because of macro environmental conditions and increased shopper expectations across channels, we are preparing ourselves for the future of loyalty. We are investing in radical and incremental loyalty innovations to provide our clients with loyalty solutions to boost their KPIs, from in-store to online and in between. Making people happy and business better. Today. And tomorrow.

The pace at which the global retail industry evolves and the disruption it is causing creates opportunities to lift our game. I’m proud that BrandLoyalty continuously adapts to the changing retail landscape to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions while maintaining our strong competitive position.

Claudia Mennen

CEO BrandLoyalty

BrandLoyalty wins patent opposition case on flowpack packaging technique

Invented in 2013, the packaging technique is now exclusively BrandLoyalty’s property.

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Pioneering the next in loyalty through campaign at Gorillas

BrandLoyalty has announced its first pilot with Gorillas, helping the retailer increase its average order value and frequency as well as boosting its retention rate.

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BrandLoyalty receives patent for automatic stamps and collectibles dispenser ‘Standi’

Your next hand-out doesn’t need hands!

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Creating next generation happiness

in the most caring and responsible way

In 2020 we set out a clear sustainability strategy and challenged ourselves on six sustainability targets to ensure we’re creating happiness in the most caring and responsible way, now and for future generations.

Transformation may be easy to talk about, but it is tough to deliver, yet we are progressing. Therefore, this year we were proud to share our 2021 highlights in BrandLoyalty’s Corporate Social & Environmental Report.

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Decreased carbon footprint by 28% compared to 2019

400,000kg plastic waste recycled (40 million bottles saved)

In 2021, regionally sourced products counted for 60% of total production

Partnership with Club Leaf

Launch of a new CO2 neutral brand Green Ray

Giving back with BrandCharity

For almost 20 years BrandCharity has been giving back to communities worldwide. BrandCharity consists of a group of colleagues from around the world, unified by one common goal; to make the world a better place. And this year it was needed more than ever.


More than 6,000 Disney plush toys were donated to Fundación Aladina

€10,000 was donated to The Polish Humanitarian Action at the start of the war in Ukraine

International Day of Charity was celebrated at the Den Bosch office

In total €65,000 was raised through different activities

Donated more than €60,000 to various charities

23 pallets of fundraised goods were donated

Knowledge increases by sharing

Inspiring colleagues, clients and partners

After introducing Things we see | Studio sessions in 2021, we continued to invite some of the world’s brightest minds to discuss the key topics of today and tomorrow.

Watch it back – whenever or wherever. With both live and on-demand versions, you choose when to learn and be inspired.

Sustainable retail: The three steps to a greener shop floor

Studio session by Frank Holleman

Relevant retail: Making shoppers’ lives better for the current and next generation

Studio session by Laurens Sloot

The Danish method to well-being and performance in corporations

Studio session by Malene Rydahl

Inside the
mind of BrandLoyalty’s CEO

Envisioning omnichannel and sustainable loyalty, a smart creative mindset, gamification, the latest retail trends or the future of loyalty: will stamps really disappear? In a series of columns, Claudia shines a light on retail & loyalty, her leadership style, company culture, current global issues, and more...

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Retail Trends 2022

Hyper-personalization and retail media are fastest growing 2022 trends

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Loyalty stamps will disappear

Time is running out for loyalty stamps!

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Sustainable loyalty for next-generation happiness

How can loyalty contribute to the greater good?

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The latest in retail & loyalty, all at your fingertips

Over 50 editions of BrandLoyalty’s monthly newsletter ‘Things we see in retail & loyalty’ have been created over the past years. Throughout 2022, retailers welcomed shoppers back to their stores after COVID-19 lockdowns, invested in sustainability, banned single-use plastic, battled the cost-of-living crisis, protected their razor-thin margins, introduced new store formats and linked these formats through an omnichannel approach.

As we like to say:

Retail is never boring!

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Cheering for Heroes Den Bosch

Embracing a global sport

As of September this year, BrandLoyalty became #1 fan of Heroes Den Bosch – the national champions of the Dutch basketball league. As BrandLoyalty has always been closely connected to Den Bosch through several sports initiatives in the past years, joining the basketball club Heroes Den Bosch as the official Loyalty Partner for the next 3 years seemed like the true cherry on the cake!

More about Heroes

We share the same beliefs

Thriving teams, the power of entertainment, and winning mentality

Investing in future talent

The next-generation of bright minds

At BrandLoyalty, we believe that continuous development fuels our success, and it’s our people and future talent who are in the driver’s seat, seeking new opportunities and continuing to pursue new destinations.

Throughout the year, BrandLoyalty has formed partnerships with several universities worldwide, to unlock potential in the next generation of loyalty specialists.

Starting at BrandLoyalty is only the beginning
The BrandLoyalty University (BLU) takes care of developing relevant business and market knowledge and also offers a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities throughout our people’s career paths. Because starting at BrandLoyalty is only the beginning of your growth and development journey.

BLU facts

1,208 participants

44 different training topics

159 completed courses

Loyalty campaigns that entertain to retain and inspire desire

Through loyalty campaigns that last 8-20 weeks, BrandLoyalty changes shoppers' behavior in high-frequency retail - both on a transactional and emotional level. We fully support the retailer's journey, from strategy to solution and execution. After defining the retailer's objectives and campaign KPIs, we design the ideal solution including mechanic, reward, and campaign.

Simply put, we boost loyalty with campaigns that make people happy and business better.

Our latest case studies:

Kaufland Bulgaria encourages creativity and self-expression through Fixeez

Kaufland capitalized on the popularity of emojis by offering a range of 26 re-stickable patches as giveaways in its Bulgarian stores. Made from 100% recycled PET, they proved a sustainable choice for an eye-catching campaign.

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Powerful shopper activations with MARVEL MicroPopz! at PX Mart

Taiwan’s PX Mart encouraged shoppers to “Find Your Power” by collecting fabulous MicroPopz! superheroes from the super-popular MARVEL movies.

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Cutting-edge loyalty campaign at Carrefour France with Lion Sabatier® International

French shoppers love Lion Sabatier® International knives, so BrandLoyalty provided Carrefour with a cutting-edge campaign to amaze its shoppers with a useful and prestigious top brand whilst driving footfall and increasing basket size.

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Year in numbers

Boosting loyalty by campaigns that make people happy

In 2022

We created happiness

In >X stores

At X retailers

In >X countries

With X brand partners

More than 1 in 2 shoppers have participated in our Collect & Redeem or Instant Reward campaigns!

(BrandLoyalty/Dynata Consumer Scan 2022,
measured across 9 markets sample: 35,625+)

Cheers to millions of happy shoppers