BrandLoyalty’s Best of 2021

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We’re heading into 2022, so it’s time for BrandLoyalty’s yearly review – reflecting on all highlights of the last year.

From sustainability to intensifying connections and smart creative innovation, 2021 has been a year like no other.

BrandLoyalty’s best of



Things we see Studio sessions

Bringing knowledge to you virtually

In times when the digital connection is one of the main ways of communication, BrandLoyalty took the step to innovate and bring our knowledge to you virtually.

Things we see | Studio sessions became a thought-provoking platform, where renowned speakers brought to light challenging and intriguing ideas concerning not only food retail but business and innovation in general. Having facilitated 3 sessions this year, we are beyond excited to kick off 2022 with more sessions.

Watch back our 2021 sessions now

Giving back with BrandCharity

Happiness is meant to be shared

For over 15 years BrandCharity has been giving back to communities worldwide. BrandCharity consists of a group of colleagues from around the world, unified by one common goal; to make the world a better place.


20 BrandCharity ambassadors worldwide.

23 global charity events.

Nearly 400 toys donated to Little Lions in South Africa.

24 pallets with presents donated to various charities in the Netherlands.

24 pallets with presents donated to various charities in Germany.

More than €20,000 raised in 2021.

Staying connected

no matter what

2021 was also a year of building even stronger connections within BrandLoyalty. With many colleagues working from home, not being able to travel or attend events, we had to get creative in bringing unity and contact. And we achieved it with many small wins.

We kicked off the year with our first virtual Carnival, where colleagues worldwide joined in with the Dutch tradition.

The summer was filled with sports – as colleagues globally participated in more than 40 activities: rodeo riding, canoeing, golf, running, hiking, and many more.

We must not forget our phenomenal internal events where colleagues gathered in a hybrid way to be inspired by presentations, deep-dive sessions, and panel discussions. Between all that, we celebrated Chinese New Year, wished ‘Eid Mubarak!’ to colleagues worldwide, celebrated all nationalities with Mother Language Day, and cheered for EURO 2020.

We strive to create a hybrid work environment where true connection still thrives – and we will continue to do so.

We’re looking forward to connecting with all of you, in 2022!

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Investing in future talent

The next-generation of bright minds

At BrandLoyalty, we believe that continuous development fuels our success, and it’s our people and future talent who are in the driver’s seat, seeking new opportunities and continuing to pursue new destinations.

Throughout the year, BrandLoyalty has formed partnerships up with several universities worldwide, to unlock potential in the next generation of loyalty specialists.

Starting at BrandLoyalty is only the beginning

The BrandLoyalty University (BLU) takes care of developing relevant business and market knowledge and also offers a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities throughout our people’s career paths. Because starting at BrandLoyalty is only the beginning of your growth and development journey.

In 2021

728 participating colleagues

Completed 121 training courses

Covering 35 different topics

Evaluated with a 4.3 out of 5

Next generation happiness

In 2020, we've challenged ourselves on 6 clear sustainability 2025 targets to ensure we’re creating happiness in the most caring and responsible way, now and for future generations.

In 2021, we’ve proudly shared our first Corporate Social & Environmental report, shining a light on all of the progress we’ve made in 2020. Although we’re not there yet, we’re taking small steps every day that contribute to creating big impact - bringing us closer to a better tomorrow.

Read the report


Decreased carbon footprint by 32% in 2020

26% more use of recycled material

1,000,000kg plastic packaging reduced

Launched sustainable cookware brand ‘Green Ray’

New partnership with Koziol, designing with a clear consience.

Standi goes international

After successfully launching Standi at DekaMarkt, in the Netherlands, Standi has this year traveled across the borders to the retail giant of France - Carrefour. The 2nd launch was a great success, as BrandLoyalty provided 7 units to Carrefour, which were spread across a hypermarket and a supermarket.

To service the high number of shoppers, especially in the hypermarket, Carrefour and BrandLoyalty developed new, improved, and faster mechanisms to read tickets and dispense stamps. This way, Carrefour could gain efficiency by saving time while Standi managed an accurate and secure distribution of stamps.

Curious to discover what value Standi can bring to your stores?

Read more about Standi

BrandLoyalty’s new look and feel

Over the last few years, BrandLoyalty has transformed, evolved, and grown – and so, it was time to refresh our identity, to become closer to ourselves than ever before.

We revealed an identity that not only reflects who we are today but is ready for the future – driven by a fresh style that sparks our excitement for intensifying connections.

We dare
to be different

How we’ve changed.

Happy people, better business

How we boost loyalty by campaigns that make people happy.

We build
brands together

How our partners help us forge and intensify connections.

The magic continues…

Extended the exclusive strategic collaboration with The Walt Disney Company

Storytelling is at the heart of everything The Walt Disney Company does, and we are incredibly proud to be able to take these stories into the world of high-frequency retail across the world, as well as into the homes of consumers.

Claudia Mennen

CEO BrandLoyalty

Success stories

Ageless Disney loyalty for kids 1 to 99 By Claudia Mennen Ever since we’ve started our exclusive collaboration with Disney, it felt like a perfect match.
The magic of short-term loyalty: instantly changing shopper behavior Successful ‘Heroes on a mission’ campaign at Sainsbury’s In an era when grocery shoppers have more choice than ever, what can supermarkets do to supercharge their existing loyalty activities?
The ultimate brand fusion: how entertainment became an empire How each Disney property captivates shoppers’ attention Having the opportunity to partner with this ultimate brand fusion has brought us the chance to deliver the most spectacular moments to shoppers worldwide.

A loyalty powerhouse that is second to none

BrandLoyalty is now part of Loyalty Ventures Inc.

Since 2014, BrandLoyalty has been part of the Alliance Data Systems (ADS) family, combined with AIRMILES under its LoyaltyOne arm. In November, BrandLoyalty and AIRMILES officially separated from ADS to become an independent, publicly traded company under the name of Loyalty Ventures Inc.

Loyalty Ventures Inc. is a leading provider of tech-enabled, data-driven consumer loyalty solutions. Its solutions are focused on helping partners achieve their strategic and financial objectives, from increased consumer basket size, shopper traffic and frequency and digital reach to enhanced program reporting and analytics.

To celebrate the momentous occasion Loyalty Ventures Inc. held a bell ringing ceremony on the Nasdaq, with colleagues from BrandLoyalty and AIRMILES projected onto the big screen in Times Square in New York.

Loyalty Ventures Inc. shares can now be traded on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker LYLT.

Year in numbers

Boosting loyalty by campaigns that make people happy

In 2021

X campaigns started

In >X stores

At >X retailers

In >X countries

With >X brand partners

Summing up to a total of

stamps collected

instant rewards redeemed

Millions of happy shoppers!