Innovative initiatives in loyalty

Innovative initiatives in loyalty

April 2021

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To successfully drive shopper loyalty, retailers must keep up with the fast-changing environment and bring innovative ideas to the market to remain competitive. In fact, seamlessly integrating digitisation and innovation has proven to create more meaningful relationships with more shoppers. Read more about how brands initiate innovative initiatives in loyalty in this April edition of 'Things we see in retail & loyalty'.

Innovative initiatives in loyalty

Magnit launches Magnit Pay app

The leading retailer in Russia, Magnit has become the country’s first to enable its shoppers to pay for mobile, internet, TV services, and top-up transport cards via its loyalty app. All the payments are accepted commission-free. The company also plans to add several options such as services to pay for utilities, fines, taxes, etc., and offer non-financial services like getting a taxi, purchasing tickets, making reservations, and ordering food. Together with Magnit, IceMobile has created the front-end and middle layer of the App, including the Magnit Pay solution. 

Source: magnit press-release & IceMobile
Magnit launches Magnit Pay app

OXXO launches Spin app and new loyalty program

OXXO – a convenience store chain – has entered the fintech business with the launch of the Spin app. The app acts as a digital wallet that allows the transfer of money without a bank card. Users can withdraw money at the cash desk of any OXXO store. Also, a loyalty program has been launched, which is running on our Bright Loyalty Platform, where shoppers can collect special points that will be accumulated and later can be exchanged for products in stores.

Source: forbes.com

Innovative loyalty campaign at Carrefour in Brazil

Carrefour Brazil has launched its first loyalty campaign with RoyalVKB knives! During the campaign, shoppers can collect coins instead of stamps, digital-only. In addition, each shopper has a personal spending goal, which means there’s no fixed spending requirement to acquire coins, making it more attractive for new shoppers to download the app and start shopping at Carrefour. 

Source: BrandLoyalty

The Casino group launches a digital currency 'Lugh'

The French retailer is launching the stable coin to use in its stores' loyalty programs and trading. Lungh will have the same value as euro ( 1lugh =1 euro). Casinos' objective is to prepare for future payment and a loyalty card for its shoppers and responds to the Facebook initiative, which is developing its own digital currency. 

Source: larevuedudigital.com

The Casino group launches a digital currency 'Lugh'

Trends in the dark kitchen market and the implications for retail

The dark kitchen market, also known as "ghost kitchens", delivers prepared meals at home through online ordering via the internet or mobile apps. This industry's growth has been accelerated by COVID-19, thanks to lockdown restrictions. Currently, supermarkets and convenience stores are also tapping into this promising business model. Learn more about the 10 latest developments and the implications for retail.

Source: foodinspiration.com
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