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Tailoring loyalty solutions for leading grocery retailers

Tailoring loyalty solutions for leading grocery retailers
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Each year we create happiness in over 50,000 stores in more than 60 countries

Over the last 25 years, we have run over 3,000 successful loyalty programmes to attract and retain shoppers for the world’s most well-known retailers and brands. 

Our short-term programmes can reach every demographic that retailers are targetting. With 32 locations across the globe we have local execution with global knowledge. Tailoring our solutions to specific clients' needs, such as increasing basket size, frequency, penetration and brand preference.

Our programmes hit the targets of our partners on a transactional and emotional level

Check out the case studies covering a variety of challenges from retailers around the globe.

Creating <strong>significant sales growth</strong> for P&atilde;o de A&ccedil;&uacute;car&nbsp;
Creating <strong>significant sales growth</strong> for P&atilde;o de A&ccedil;&uacute;car&nbsp;

with Brazil’s first national stamp based loyalty programme

Creating significant sales growth for Pão de Açúcar 

High participation by massive appeal on Jamie Oliver knives and cutlery. Jamie Oliver is a highly popular brand that is loved by the Brazilian people. The exclusive TV commercial with a personal message from Jamie, combined with the signature si...

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Through our data solutions, we can improve consumer segmentation and in-store execution

UX services, finding the motivation behind the correlation

We believe any great user experience starts with people.

By taking a deeper look into the path of the consumer, we are able to identify and eliminate stumbling blocks during the shopper journey.

By understanding the needs and motivations that shape shopper behaviour, we create applications to serve businesses and consumers alike.

Applying this knowledge about specific consumer segments, we are able to better refine activation strategies and drive participation in our loyalty programmes. This in turn makes retailers and our programmes more successful. 


StorePal, optimising in-store execution

Highly attractive in-store presentation enhances the shopper experience. BrandLoyalty therefore created StorePal to support retail staff in optimising in-store execution. 

The app provides questions and advice to its users about in-store marketing activation, display placement, staff knowledge, stock availability and promotions supported by supplier collaboration.

Staff are prompted to send in pictures from the shop floor, which are then analysed by state-of-the-art A.I. to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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Through our digital capabilities, we make solutions easier, faster and more fun

<strong>Through our&nbsp;digital capabilities, we make solutions easier, faster and more fun</strong>

Bright Stamps, the leading loyalty platform

With over 50 programmes and over 10 million users across 3 continents, we have developed the leading loyalty platform for smartphones, tablets or wearables. It gives shoppers the possibility to collect digitally, share stamps, earn badges, view leader boards, and even go up a level for a better status and exclusive perks.




Our latest retail insights

BrandLoyalty offered us a unique take on a well-known continuity concept. We particularly liked their data-driven approach to tailor the offering to our desired customers segment, their turnkey & full-service execution support, and their innovative on-card and mobile stamp solution. With this combination, we created a strong customer attraction with better and more relevant offers for our most loyal shoppers. Jason Ramsey, VP Center Store of Lowes Foods
We are not in the business of food, we are not in the business of retail, we are in the business of making our customers' lives that little bit happier. Kevin Roberts, RLC speaker and former CEO at Saatchi & Saatchi, 1997-2014
Sales in Q4 2014 and Q1 2015 were strongly influenced by a huge loyalty promotion with crystal glass. This brought new shoppers into our stores and gave existing shoppers more confidence in Albert Heijn. We grew both in market share and sales as a result of our partnership with BrandLoyalty. Dick Boer, former CEO at Ahold Delhaize, 2011-2018
Discover our <strong>consumer-centric</strong> solutions and services

Discover our consumer-centric solutions and services

Our solutions range from lifestyle to innovative, licenced to exclusive and fun to sustainable. Whatever their shape, they are all designed to hit their target.

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