Member Loyalty Campaigns

Create urgency and excitement within your long-term loyalty program

Member Loyalty Campaigns

Boost Member Penetration

High ROI

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Improve Member Acquisition

Create excitement and urgency for points redemption with exclusive, collectable rewards, only available within a limited timeframe. 

Excite your customers to keep engaged with your Membership Loyalty campaign by providing an immediate benefit. Driving direct action through desirable, scarce, and high-value rewards.

Our Loyalty Membership Campaigns, part of our Digital Loyalty Solutions, take the best of campaign-based loyalty and integrate it into your long-term loyalty proposition. 


Entice shoppers to your platform



Give back to your loyal shoppers



Make shoppers stick around


Member Loyalty Campaigns create urgency and excitement within your long-term loyalty program

  • Shoppers collect for exclusive rewards using your existing long-term point-saving system
  • Create excitement and urgency as the collectable rewards have a limited availability
  • Activated across all your digital & physical channels
  • Your shoppers will stick around to get their exclusive rewards!

We take care of the full loyalty journey - from strategy to execution

  • Challenges & Strategy: Defining the why before finding the how
  • Loyalty Mechanics: Perfectly tailored to your KPIs
  • Technical Solutions: Seamlessly integrated within your digital ecosystem
  • Irresistible Rewards: First-class brands with the right to return
  • Campaign Execution: Management, analytics, support

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Digital Loyalty Campaigns

Digital Loyalty Campaigns

Are you looking to stand out in a crowded market and build a truly loyal customer base? Enhance your loyalty proposition with  BrandLoyalty's data-driven digital loyalty campaigns.

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