How 2020 has sharpened my focus on sustainability

How 2020 has sharpened my focus on sustainability

by Claudia Mennen

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When I took up the role as CEO of BrandLoyalty, I felt strongly that one of my key responsibilities is to enhance our contribution to sustainability. To emphasize this, we have recently updated our purpose to ‘Next generation happiness’. This is the compass that directs all our daily decisions and guides us in building a happier world for future generations. 

How 2020 has sharpened my focus on sustainability


Reducing our carbon footprint
The way to have the biggest impact as a company is by rethinking our supply chain. In fact, we’re currently in the middle of an operational transformation that allows us to create a more efficient and frictionless supply network. So, we’re working on close-to-market sourcing, optimizing planning & forecasting, and developing smarter packaging. This reduces our use of fossil fuels while it improves efficiency too. 


Embracing circular mentality
BrandLoyalty has always focused on offering rewards from top brands that are designed to last a long time. This reduces overall consumption and helps combat the throwaway culture that has become too common in many societies.

However, we must take the next step and approach projects with a circular mindset. Therefore, I have set a clear goal; to have zero single-use plastics by 2025. We’ve already made progress by developing completely paper-based, easily recyclable packaging! Another way for us to close the loop is by donating unused finished goods to charity and investigating specialized recycling facilities to repurpose materials that would otherwise be incinerated.

The transformation continues by rethinking our portfolio and adding digital & sustainable solutions. For example, we’ve recently launched our new Tucano luggage range, which is fashionable, functional, and made from recycled bottles! And there’s much more to come…

2020 has convinced me that sustainability isn’t just an add-on, a box to be ticked or a ‘nice to have’. Claudia Mennen, CEO BrandLoyalty

Rethinking the way we work
COVID-19 has changed how we work and taught me that we could easily accelerate our efforts to become more sustainable. I've learned that working-from-home benefits our colleagues as well as our environment. Many internal and external meetings and training sessions can be conducted perfectly well virtually, and this format actually makes people all over the world feel more included. 

Furthermore, we are stimulating the use of bicycles, public transport, and sustainable initiatives in all offices. Although small steps, this is a powerful signal to all our colleagues that we all have our part in accelerating our efforts throughout the organization. 

Also, thanks to having good relationships with our clients, we have managed to stay personal while working digitally, resulting in hardly any flights. Post-COVID-19, we will continue to reduce flights by 50% and work from home for at least 25% to reduce commuting.  


Do more. Do it now.
2020 has convinced me that sustainability isn't just an add-on, a box to be ticked, or a 'nice to have.' Instead, I believe that businesses need to be sustainable from the core, and therefore I'm incredibly proud that sustainability ignites the internal fire at BrandLoyalty and sparks throughout the company.

I know that moving towards 100% sustainability seems like a never-ending journey. Still, together with our colleagues, partners, and clients, we must take steps to get closer to this destination every day. Looking out of the window during the lockdown, the sky was bluer, and the air was clearer. A world we are obliged to nurture for future generations.   

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