Fourth RoyalVKB campaign at Extra

Fourth RoyalVKB campaign at Extra

Brazilian families can complete their RoyalVKB collection.

After collecting knives, cookware and storage, shoppers can now save for cutlery at Extra in Brazil. 

This RoyalVKB programme, which is part of our 5th campaign at Extra, consists of 6 different sets including a cake fork set, a child dinner set, a coffee spoon set, a dinner set, a serving spoon set, a salad set and a soup ladle. The cutlery has a smart design and high functionality, creating wonderful dinner moments for Brazilian consumers. 

The typical Dutch Design brand RoyalVKB was founded in 2005 and believes design should be brought back to its functional essence. Four words that would describe RoyalVKB are functionality, dutch design, convenience and joy. 

For every R$20 spent in Extra's store, customers can earn 1 credit to redeem to over 70% discount. Club Extra clients can buy one set for R$0.99 while regular clients pay R$7.99 for one set with the same number of stamps. When a client adds 30 stamps to a specific product, the discount increases. The total collection can also be bought without discounts, starting at R$109.99.

The programme starts on December 2, 2019 and ends May 3, 2020.



“Stamps are extremely appreciated by Extra consumers, who are each time more satisfied with products offered in our campaigns. We have chosen RoyalVKB cutlery for this new edition because its products are connected to meals and friends. For Extra, a Brazilian and democratic company who keeps family as its most important pillar, it is proud to offer this campaign as an opportunity to build customer loyalty.” Christiane Cruz Citrângulo, Marketing Director Extra

About Extra

Extra is one of the largest retailers in Brazil and part of Casino Group, the largest retailer in South America. Extra hypermarkets and supermarkets offer a wide variety of food and non-food products (for hypermarkets) at competitive prices. With 117 hypermakets and 188 supermarkets, the brand differentiates itself through the quality of the reception and its professional approach, the selection and display of products, as well as the variety and constant promotions. Extra also has a convenience store brand called Mini Mercado Extra, which is similar to a neighbourhood’s grocer’s, fast and practical, strategically placed on home-work commuting roads. This type of store is becoming more and more popular in Brazil.


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